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Since Jan. 2014, our newsletter covers the week’s notable European FinTech deals, along with insights and Q&As with leading startups, investors and financial institutions.

Funding for Offr, Open payments, Cobalt etc. Q&As with Hans de Back of Finch Capital, Balkrishna Dubey of Nagarro, Simon Dingle of Lettuce etc.

European FinTech deals this week include Offr, Open Payments, Cobalt etc. We feature an interview with Hans de Back of Finch Capital as part of our new series Scaling Enterprise FinTech, as well as Q&As with Balkrishna Dubey of Nagarro Germany and Simon Dingle of Lettuce. Check out the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th […]

Funding for EvoState, Movewise, Nude etc. Q&As with Hans de Back of Finch Capital, Balkrishna Dubey of Nagarro and Martin Kreitmair of Tangany.

The early stage European FinTech deals this week include EvoState, Movewise, Nude etc. We feature an interview with Hans de Back of Finch Capital as part of our new series Scaling Enterprise FinTech, as well as Q&As with Balkrishna Dubey of Nagarro Germany and Martin Kreitmair of Tangany. Check out the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the […]

Form3 raises $33 million in strategic investment round with new investors Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide Building Society and VC 83North. 

London, 18 August 2020. Form3, the leading cloud-native payment technology provider for banks and regulated fintechs is moving into its next phase of growth and development with the completion of a strategic equity investment round of $33m. Following its Series B funding round in November 2018, Form3 has trebled in size and increased its annual […]

Q&A with Hans de Back of Finch Capital and Martin Kreitmair of Tangany, funding for Log my Care, Keyless, Nude etc.

The early stage European FinTech deals this week include Log my Care, Keyless, Nude etc. We feature an interview with Hans de Back of Finch Capital as part of our new series Scaling Enterprise FinTech, as well as Q&As with Martin Kreitmair of Tangany. Check out the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, […]

Q&As with Simon Dingle of Lettuce, Eugene Danilkis of Mambu, Ben Shaw of ITHM, Funding for Fido, Voices of Wealth, TaxScouts etc.

The early stage European FinTech deals this week include Fido, Voices of Wealth, Tax Scout etc. We feature check out our Q&As with Eugene Danilkis of Mambu as part of our new series Scaling Enterprise FinTech, as well as with Simon Dingle of Lettuce and Ben Shaw of InsurTech Hub Munich. Check out the first set of startups and investors who will be on […]

Q&As with Eugene Danilkis of Mambu, James Varga of DirectID, Manuel Silva Martinez of Santander InnoVentures; Funding for Payflow, Plum, Metaco etc.

The early stage European FinTech deals this week include Payflow, Plum, Metaco etc. We are excited to announce a new interview series, Scaling Enterprise FinTech- in Europe & Beyond, in the countdown to Money2020 Europe, 22-24 Sep. 2020 in Amsterdam. Offering insights on nailing sales, go-to-market and fund-raising from the founders, investors and financial institutions behind Europe’s leading B2B FinTech scale-ups, our first interview features Eugene […]

Q&A with Paula Blazquez Solano of InnoCells (Banco Sabadell) and Bernadette Wijnings of Blanco Services,Sherpany, Lifted, Radix DLT etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include Sherpany, Lifted, Radix DLT etc. We also feature Q&As with Paula Blazquez Solano of InnoCells (Banco Sabadell) and Bernadette Wijnings of Blanco Services Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt- click on their names to […]

Q&A with Christian Knott of Capnamic Ventures and Shane Riedel of Elucidate, Handcash, Barion, StrategyBox, Friendsurance etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include Handcash, Barion, StrategyBox, Friendsurance etc. We also feature Q&As with Christian Knott of Capnamic Ventures, and Shane Riedel of Elucidate. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt- click on their names to read our Q&A […]

Q&A with Ben Shaw, Director of Programs at the InsurTech Hub Munich and Shane Riedel of Elucidate,Peppy, Planet24, Likvido, Doctorly etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include Peppy, Planet24, Likvido, Doctorly etc. We also feature a Q&A with Ben Shaw, Director of Programs at the InsurTech Hub Munich and Shane Riedel of Elucidate. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt- click […]

Q&A with Paula Blazquez of InnoCells and Bernadette Wijnings of Blanco Services, EstateGuru, Taimer, Iiwari, Ambler etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include EstateGuru, Taimer, Iiwari, Ambler etc. We also feature a Q&A with Paula Blazquez Solano of InnoCells (Banco Sabadell) and Bernadette Wijnings of Blanco Services. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt: (Click on the […]

Q&A with Astrid Freier of Vidici Ventures and Terrie Smith of DIGISEQ, Ondato, SatoshiPay, Xenon, Sympatient etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include Ondato, SatoshiPay, Xenon, Sympatient etc. We also feature a Q&A with Astrid Freier of Vidici Ventures and Terrie Smith of DIGISEQ. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt: (Click on the hyperlinked names to read […]

Q&A with Manuel Silva Martínez of Santander InnoVentures, Sandro Matter of vlot, Standard Cognition, Genesis, Creditgate24, Spaceti etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include Standard Cognition, Genesis, Creditgate24, Spaceti etc. We also feature a Q&A with Manuel Silva Martínez of Santander InnoVentures and Sandro Matter of vlot. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt: (Click on the hyperlinked names […]

Q&A with Manuel Silva Martínez of Santander InnoVentures, Nitesh Srivastava of Datawok, Omocom, Slimmer AI, Pennylane, Hello Customer etc.

The early stage players raising funding this week include Omocom, Slimmer AI, Pennylane, Hello Customer etc. We also feature a Q&A with Manuel Silva Martínez of Santander InnoVentures and Nitesh Srivastava of Datawok. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt: (Click on the […]

Q&A with Astrid Freier of Vidici Ventures, Brian & Zbi of Finteum, Funding for Pricefx, FLEEP Technologies, Figopara

The early stage players raising funding this week include FLEEP, Figopara, askRobin, Banked etc. We also feature a Q&A with Brain Nolan and Zbi Czapran of Finteum and Astrid Freier of Vidici Ventures. Meet the first set of startups and investors who will be on stage at the 12th FinTech Forum, on 19th Nov. 2020 in Frankfurt: (Click on […]

Q&A with Wladimir Huber of Klickown, Funding for Strise, One Utility Bill, Precursive etc. New VC funds Tomahawk, Icebreaker, Partech etc.

If you read through this week’s newsletter, things don’t seem that bad – startup funding rounds seem to continue trickling in, new funds still getting announced, and there is some hope that parts of Europe will reopen in the coming weeks. If you are in the midst of a funding round, or would like to understand […]

Newsletter 24th Apr. 2020

After over a month of lockdowns – no matter where you are based in Europe – we are heading into May with some hope as some countries plan a phased reopening. In our conversations with startups, we continue to hear about delays or a complete stop to fundraising discussions (especially where the sub-sector is negatively impacted by […]

Newsletter 6th Apr. 2020

We are back after a short hiatus, talking to several startups in our network as they figure their way around the current crisis. Market sentiments range from a complete lockup of money, to the impact varying based on FinTech sub-sectors or business models, as well as whether the investors have long-term, institutional capital at their disposal. Last week’s webinars by […]

Newsletter 16th Mar. 2020

As most European countries moved to enforce lockdowns, close schools, businesses and borders, startups braced for an uphill battle in the months ahead. Startups who have raised and closed their round recently are revisiting their budgets and spending, while those in the middle of a round (or planning one) are getting prepared for turbulence. We are talking to some […]

Newsletter 5th Mar. 2020

We’ve been on the road- perhaps for the last week of travel here in Europe as Coronavirus threatens events and (physical) meetings. FinTech funding and deal activity however, seems to be unaffected. Catching up on a couple of weeks of news took the better part of a train ride from Munich to Frankfurt, with Seed […]

Newsletter 14th Feb. 2020

Laka’s latest funding from Creandum and LocalGlobe is a great confirmation of its “back to the roots”, community-based model for bicycle insurance: we will be watching this space! The round raising eyebrows is Saudi Aramco’s bet on blockchain-based oil-trading platform Vakt. Rimilia and SteelEye both represent bets on serious enterprise-grade solutions, automating and reducing complexity in the payments and compliance space […]

Newsletter 31st Jan. 2020

For the second week in a row, our panel discussion topic at the 11th FinTech Forum “When Finance becomes an Add-on/ the Era of Backstage Banking“ gets some more validation: Estonia’s Pocosys, an alumnus of our “FinTech meets Telecom” event in Mar. 2017, announced its exit to Opera (the Norwegian browser company), while Belgium’s Settlemint […]

Newsletter 25th Jan. 2020

7 Questions with Max Lautenschläger of Iconic, Funding for Secfi, Grover, Qonto etc., 12th FinTech Forum announced… Get ready with a glass of wine- or smelling salts- as this week’s going to be a long read with some jaw-dropping funding rounds, acquisitions and expansions. European FinTech has been on the prowl, with a seemingly pent-up barrage […]

Newsletter 17th Jan. 2020

The biggest news in the FinTech space- the acquisition of Plaid by Visa for $5.3 billion- comes from the US this week, but it should be music to the ears of several European FinTechs in the area of APIs, Open Banking and PSD2, and to the sector in general. French payment app Lydia’s $45m Series […]

Newsletter 9th Jan. 2020

Happy New Year! While we hope you had a quiet time during the holidays, we can assure you there was plenty going on in the European FinTech scene, so this will be a longish newsletter- including an interview with blockchain and crypto investor Max Lautenschläger of Iconic Holdings, a wrap-up of key FinTech M&A deals in 2019, tips on raising […]

Newsletter 18 Dec. 2019

The FinTech Forum newsletter – covering the latest thinking from European FinTech founders, investors and financial institutions, as well as key funding rounds and M&A – turns six years old next month. For a glimpse of FinTech history, check out our year-end newsletter from Dec. 2014. Last month we wrapped up our 11th FinTech Forum event, and – while we can’t promise to keep our eyes off the European FinTech […]

Newsletter 11 Dec. 2019

11th FinTech Forum is a wrap With twelve startups pitches, a “journey to exit” by our alumnus, insights from leading VCs and a panel discussion if finance will become an add-on- here is the 11th FinTech Forum in tweets.   7 Questions with Ben Shaw of InsurTech Hub Munich This week we posted […]

Newsletter 4 Dec 2019

“Be wary of technologies that are looking for use cases” This week we posted our 7 Questions to Ben Shaw, Director of Programs at the InsurTech Hub Munich. 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, both at work and leisure. Difficult to separate the two: For work my team and I connect all dots […]

Newsletter 27 Nov 2019

11th FinTech Forum in tweets With 12 startups pitches, a “journey to exit” by our alumnus, insights from leading investors and a panel discussing if finance will become an add-on- here is the 11th FinTech Forum in tweets.   Copenhagen-based fintech startup Cardlay raises €9 million and announces breakthrough deal with Eurocard Through its […]

Newsletter 20 Nov 2019

Final Agenda & Line-Up: 11th FinTech Forum Check out the final line-up of startups and register here for the last few places: Apart from the startup pitches, we are also looking forward to the sessions from our guest speakers: Assaf Shamia (G+D Ventures) on trends in digital currencies (Libra & Co.), M2M payments and […]

Newsletter 13 Nov 2019

Check out the line-up for the 11th FinTech Forum next week If you are an investor or financial institution looking to connect to early stage FinTech startups and understand investment trends in European FinTech, check out the 11th FinTech Forum on 21st November at The Airport Club, Frankfurt Airport. Further information and registration here: […]

Newsletter 6 Nov 2019

Quotes to countdown to 11th FinTech Forum | 21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt With the near-final line-up and agenda in place, and just 16 days to go to the 11th FinTech Forum, here are some quotes from the startups and investors who will be on stage. If you are an investor or financial institution […]

Newsletter 28 Oct 2019

Time for “backstage banking”? Find out at the 11th FinTech Forum, 21st Nov.  As FinTechs make it easy to embed financial services into the customer workflow of other sectors, are incumbents prepared for an era of „backstage banking” (or insurance) a la Goldman Sachs / Apple Card? That is the topic for the panel discussion […]

Newsletter 22 Oct 2019

“When finance becomes an add-on” – announcing the panel at 11th FinTech Forum As FinTechs make it easy to embed financial services into the customer workflow of other sectors, are incumbents prepared for an era of „backstage banking” (or insurance)? That is the topic for the panel discussion at the 11th FinTech Forum on 21st […]

Newsletter 16 Oct 2019

“When finance becomes an add-on” – announcing the panel at 11th FinTech Forum As FinTechs make it easy to embed financial services into the customer workflow of other sectors, are incumbents prepared for an era of „backstage banking” (or insurance)? That is the topic for the panel discussion at the 11th FinTech Forum on 21st […]

Newsletter 8 Oct 2019

Germany: Kreditech Gains €20 Million in Equity Financing, Plans Global Expansion Online lender Kreditech has raised €20 million in its latest funding round, according to a note from the company. Apparently, the additional capital will help the Fintech scale globally in its goal to provide credit to near-prime customers. The funding was co-led by Runa […]

Newsletter 1 Oct 2019

Our weekly round-up of European FinTech deals, alongwith insights from leading startups, investors and industry experts. Received this email in error? Unsubscribe from this list. Quo vadis European FinTech? Ask the investors at the 11th FinTech Forum!   Apart from an awesome line-up of startups, we will have leading investors from Idinvest Partners, G+D Ventures, Capnamic […]

Newsletter 18 Sep 2019

Check out the line-up of startups & investors at 11th FinTech Forum   We are proud to announce that Jens Jenissen, founder of and an alumnus of FinTech Forum, will be sharing his Journey to Exit (to Raisin) at the 11th FinTech Forum. We will also welcome leading investors from Idinvest Partners, G+D Ventures, Capnamic […]

Newsletter 10 Sep 2019

Check out the line-up of startups & investors at 11th FinTech Forum   We are proud to announce that Jens Jenissen, founder of and an alumnus of FinTech Forum, will be sharing his Journey to Exit (to Raisin). Also joining us on stage: BizBot (Norway), iCEIBA (UK), Remipay (Germany), Trality and Nodeventure (both Austria), as […]

Newsletter: 2 Sep 2019

Announcing the second set of startups & investors: 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. / Frankfurt) We are proud to announce that BizBot (Norway), iCEIBA (UK), Remipay (Germany), Trality and Nodeventure (both Austria) are joining the exciting line-up of startups and investors presenting at the 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt). We are also […]

Newsletter 28 Aug 2019

Announcing the second set of startups & investors: 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. / Frankfurt) We are proud to announce that BizBot (Norway), iCEIBA (UK), Remipay (Germany) and Trality(Austria) are joining the exciting line-up of startups and investors presenting at the 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt). We are also pleased to have […]

Newsletter 20 Aug 2019

Announcing the second set of startups & investors: 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. / Frankfurt) We are proud to announce that BizBot (Norway), iCEIBA (UK), Remipay (Germany) and Trality(Austria) are joining the exciting line-up of startups and investors presenting at the 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt). We are also pleased to have […]

Newsletter 12 Aug 2019

Announcing the second set of startups & investors: 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. / Frankfurt) We are proud to announce that BizBot (Norway), iCEIBA (UK), Remipay (Germany) and Trality (Austria) are joining the exciting line-up of startups and investors presenting at the 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt). We are also pleased to […]

Newsletter 8 Aug 2019

Berlin-based Brighter AI secures several million euros in funding to enable anonymised data processing in the cloud Brighter AI Technologies, a deep-tech startup working to overcome the limitations of human and machine vision with artificial intelligence, has just closed a round of financing. The investment from eCAPITAL and Giesecke + Devrient Ventures will be used to accelerate […]

Newsletter 31 July 2019

Norway’s BizBot selected to present at the 11th FinTech Forum (21st Nov. in Frankfurt) Digital cap table platform BizBot – which was selected to be part of the DNB NXT program –  is among the startups selected to present at the 11th FinTech Forum, apart from Coindex (Germany), Ybanking (Poland) and Lingua Custodia (France). Also […]

Newsletter 23 July 2019

Billie raises €30M for its B2B invoicing and payments platform Billie, the Berlin-based fintech startup that offers a B2B invoicing and payments platform, has raised €30 million in Series B funding. Leading the round is Creandum, alongside SpeedInvest, Rocket Internet’s GFC and Picus.   Mobile bank N26 is now the highest valued German startup […]

Newsletter 16 July 2019

Frankfurt-based fintech BITA raises €1.25 million for its index-based investment software One of Germany’s fastest growing fintech companies, BITA has raised €1.25 million from a group of local and international investors to accelerate sales and invest in R&D. The funding came from the newly founded German VC fund Futury Ventures, Dutch VC fund Volta Ventures, […]

Newsletter 9 July 2019

Check out the first set of startups and investors at 11th FinTech Forum The first set of startups selected for the 11th FinTech Forum include: JustTRADE (Germany)- an online broker offering commission-free trading; Ybanking (Poland)- a virtual bank offering multiple products via a Platform-as-a-Service; and Lingua Custodia (France)- AI for high-end translations in finance e.g. […]

Newsletter 2 July 2019

Meet the investors on stage at 11th FinTech Forum, 21st Nov. in Frankfurt With our flagship annual event just over five months away, we are pleased to welcome Giesecke+Devrient Ventures, SeedX Lichtenstein and Capnamic Ventures as guest speakers covering European FinTech investments and trends at The Airport Club, Frankfurt on 21st Nov. 2019. Calling for […]

Newsletter 24 June 2019

European FinTech Zeitgeist: FinTech Forum @Money2020 Europe Now in the fourth year of our media partnership, FinTech Forum was at Money2020 Europe, 3-5 June in Amsterdam and talked to some of the participants to get a pulse of European FinTech.  Whether digital banking (Georg Ludviksson, Meniga), open banking (Dmitrii Barbasura, Salt Edge), developer portals (Steve […]

Newsletter 18 June 2019

FinTech Forum @Money2020 Europe | Amsterdam 2019 Now in the fourth year of our media partnership, FinTech Forum was at Money2020 Europe, 3-5 June in Amsterdam. Apart from bumping into friends and acquaintances on Day 2 we talked to some of the attendees to get a pulse of European FinTech and financial services. Happy watching […]

Newsletter 3 June 2019

Industry transformation and meaningful innovation at the heart of this year’s Money20/20 Europe as it returns to Amsterdam. Over 350 speakers to take the stage at Europe’s leading FinTech event, with 70+ hours of fresh content themed around 5 must-know trends for companies. Networking opportunities include workshops, innovation labs and a Money20/20 Street Takeover. Rise […]

Newsletter 27 May 2019

Goldman Sachs invests in German fintech startup Elinvar Goldman Sachs has invested in Elinvar, a German startup founded by Deutsche Bank veterans that has built a digital platform that helps traditional lenders offer their services online. Goldman’s Principal Strategic Investments group led a funding round joined by existing investors Ampega Asset Management and Finleap which […]

Newsletter 21 May 2019

Pleo, the multi-card business spending platform, closes $56M Series B Pleo, the Danish fintech that offers a “business spending platform” that lets companies easily issue employees with cards and manage expenditure, has raised a hefty $56 million in Series B funding. Leading the round is Stripes, the New York-based growth fund, with participation from existing […]

Newsletter 14 May 2019

Orange Digital Ventures invests in Raisin, the leading pan-European savings marketplace Orange Digital Ventures announces its latest investment with Raisin, an innovative Berlin-based fintech making strides in the European savings marketplace. Orange has joined the €100m Series D fundraising round of Raisin alongside existing investors Index Ventures, PayPal, Ribbit Capital and Thrive Capital.   […]

Newsletter 6 May 2019

Japan’s SoftBank to invest €900m in Wirecard Japan’s SoftBank has agreed to invest €900m in Wirecard, the German digital payments company battling an accounting scandal. SoftBank, a technology conglomerate that has become one of the sector’s biggest and most high-profile investors, will buy five-year Wirecard bonds that can convert into an equity stake in the […]

Newsletter 30 April 2019

Bankin’ raises $22.6 million for its financial coach French startup Bankin’ is raising a new $22.6 million funding round (€20 million). The company has managed to attract 2.9 million users in France and wants to become the only app you need to manage your money. Overall, Bankin’ has raised more than $32 million (€28.4 million). Investors include […]

Newsletter 22 April 2019

Startup Moonfare Raises $28 Million to Help Wealthy Invest in Private Equity Funds Moonfare GmbH, the Berlin-based startup that allows wealthy clients to invest in private equity funds, has raised 25 million euros ($28 million) to fuel growth in Europe and Asia.   Klarna launches its own credit card Mit der Klarna-Card können die […]

Newsletter 15 April 2019

27 million for Taxfix – Peter Thiel adds to the list Bereits wenige Monate nach der letzten Finanzierungsrunde steckt Valar Ventures nach Gründerszene-Informationen erneut eine Millionensumme in das Berliner Startup Taxfix. Der Fonds des umstrittenen Starinvestors Peter Thiel ist an dem Unternehmen mit einer Steuererklärungs-App bereits beteiligt. Auch die weiteren Altinvestoren Redalpine und Creandum sind bei der aktuellen […]

Newsletter 1 April 2019

Amsterdam-based online pension bank Brand New Day raises €25 million from existing investors Amsterdam-based Brand New Day is an online pension bank that provides asset management, wealth management, and insurance brokerage services. Founded in 2009, Brand New Day has just raised an investment of €25 million from existing investors.   Berlin-based Donut raises €1.6 […]

Newsletter 25 March 2019

Barcelona-based fintech Pagantis raises €65 million for its e-commerce financing platform Barcelona-based startup Pagantis, which offers financing for e-commerce customers, has raised €65 million Series B in one of the biggest fintech rounds in Spain to date. The investment came from Prime Ventures, SPF Investment Management, and Rinkelberg Capital Group, and will be used to […]

Newsletter 19 March 2019

Berlin InsurTech Friday gets 114 million. Der InsurTech-Boom geht weiter. Kurz nachdem wefox eine 110-Millionenrunde verkündet, sorgt der Digitalversicherer Friday, der von der Baloise Group angeschoben wurde, für Schlagzeilen. Die Baloise Group, SevenVentures und German Media Pool investierten zusammen 114 Millionen Euro in das junge Berliner Unternehmen, das derzeit auf das Segment Autoversicherung setzt. 2nd […]

Newsletter 11 March 2019

Paris-based Shift Technology raises €53 million Series C for its AI solution to detect insurance fraud Paris-based Shift Technology provides AI-based fraud detection and claims automation solutions for the global insurance industry. The startup has just raised a €53 million in a Series C round, bringing total investment in the company to €88 million. The […]

Newsletter 5 March 2019

Bafin Approves Bitbond to Issue Digital Securities “Tokenized Bonds” Bafin, Germany’s securities regulator, has given the green light to Bitbond to issue digital bonds. Bitbond is an online lending platform that operates globally. In business since 2013, Bitbond provides access to capital for small businesses…Since platform launch, Bitbond has funded over 3200 loans for more […]

Newsletter 25 Feb 2019

30 Million Euro for Berlin Banking Startup Mambu Der US-Investor Bessemer Venture Partners und die Altinvestoren Acton Capital, CommerzVentures, Point Nine Capital und Runa Capital investieren 30 Millionen Euro in das FinTech Mambu, eine SaaS-Banking-Plattform.   Zeitgold Raises €10M in Funding Zeitgold, a Berlin, Germany-based provider of an AI powered finance solution for SMEs, […]

Newsletter 19 Feb 2019

We are back after a short skiing break (okay, just kidding!), so this week we catch up on two weeks of FinTech & InsurTech deals from Europe, as well as our recent “7 Questions…”- with Florian Heinemann of Project A, and Julian Mattes of Digital+ Partners.   We have been on the road almost all […]

Newsletter: 28 Jan 2019

Meet us at Paris FinTech Forum! The 4th edition of the Paris FinTech Forum gathers the Fintech Familly in the very center of Paris on January 29 & 30, 2019. With 2600+ attendees, 220+ FinTechs on stage. Samarth Shekhar, co-founder of FinTech Forum, will be there on both the days – use the networking app […]

Newsletter: 21 Jan 2019

N26 Raises $300M in Series D Funding N26, a Berlin, Germany-based mobile bank, raised $300m in Series D funding. The round, which valued the company at $2.7bn, was led by Insight Venture Partners, with participation from GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, and several existing investors. To date, N26 has raised more than $500m from well […]

Newsletter: 14 Jan 2019

Swiss fintech startup Monito scores $2.5 million to help you find the right money transfer service for you Monito, a Lausanne-based startup that helps people find, review and compare over 400 money transfer providers across more than 190 countries, has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding in a round led by Tamedia, Switzerland’s largest […]

Newsletter: 7 Jan 2019

Happy new year! For those who missed the 10th FinTech Forum event- including our attempt at wrapping up 5 years of European FinTech, the summary is required reading before you kick-off 2019: 10th FinTech Forum shows the next wave of FinTechs, investments, partnerships and M&A is here. This month marks five years (and 231 newsletters!) since we published […]

Newsletter: 10 Dec 2018

Regtech startup Alyne raises €3 million to help organisations manage their data privacy and compliance Regtech startup Alyne has raised €3 million in a Series A financing round led by Alstin Capital, with participation from Hannover Digital Investments GmbH. Founded by Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo, Manuel Reil, and Matthias Danner in 2015, Alyne is headquartered […]

Newsletter: 29 Nov 2018

10th FinTech Forum shows the next wave of FinTechs, investments, partnerships and M&A is here The 5th anniversary edition of the event saw a slew of startups taking on large, complex and regulation-intensive market opportunities in capital markets and corporate/ SME banking using blockchain and AI/ ML- a stark contrast to the payments- and lending-focused […]

Newsletter: 19 Nov. 2018

Meet the Panelists at the 10th FinTech Forum/ 5th Anniversary Edition We talked to some of the panelists that are on stage this Thursday, 22nd Nov. 2018, discussing the topic “German FinTech, Outside Backers- Fast Forward 2023” which looks at the trend of non-banks and foreign investors dominating German FinTech investments and – potentially – […]

Newsletter: 12 Nov 2018

Countdown to FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition, 22nd Nov. 2018 We are pleased to announce the panelists for the roundtable discussion German FinTech, Outside Backers- Fast Forward 2023, which looks at the trend of non-banks and foreign investors dominating German FinTech investments. Do check out the agenda, the final line-up of startups as well as […]

Newsletter: 6 Nov 2018

Countdown to FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition, 22nd Nov. 2018 With less than three weeks to go to FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition, it’s time for a quick update! We are pleased to announce the panelists for the roundtable discussion German FinTech, Outside Backers- Fast Forward 2023 which looks at the trend of non-banks and […]

Newsletter: 29 Oct 2018

Munich based Insurtech xbAV collects 21 Million Euro Der Wagniskapitalgeber Armada Investment, der Xing-Gründer Lars Hinrichs und 20 weitere Kapitalgeber aus der VC-, Technologie- und Versicherungsbranche investieren 21 Millionen Euro in das Insurtech xbAV. Das 2007 von Martin Bockelmann gegründete Münchner Unternehmen zur Digitalisierung der betrieblichen Altersversorgung will mit der frischen Finanzierung seine Plattform weiter […]

Newsletter: 24 Oct 2018

German fintech startup Penta raises €7 million to accelerate the growth of its digital bank accounts for SMEs Business bank account Penta today announced a €7 million investment in a funding round led by Inception Capital. According to the Berlin-based startup, user numbers have increased over 900%, since the company’s last fundraise just eight months […]

Newsletter: 15 Oct 2018

Startups at 10th FinTech Forum address bigger, more complicated opportunity areas With just over a month to go, we have been talking to some of the 15 startups selected to present at our 5th anniversary event: Startups are taking on areas ranging from alternative investment fund-raising, index and data for cryptocurrencies, “commodity” trading of […]

Newsletter: 8 Oct 2018

LIQID announces €33 million financing round led by Toscafund The digital wealth manager LIQID announced a series C financing round about €33 million led by the London-based investor Toscafund Asset Management LLP. LIQID is one of the largest and fastest growing digital wealth managers in Europe that offers its clients access to investment strategies, asset […]

Newsletter: 24 Sep 2018

Announcing the final line-up of startups: FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the 15 startups selected to present at FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition, taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018 at the Airport Club, Frankfurt.   FinLab invests a seven-digit investment amount in the Frankfurt-based FinTech awamo GmbH FinLab AG […]

Newsletter: 17 Sep 2018

Announcing the final line-up of startups: FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the 15 startups selected to present at FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition, taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018 at the Airport Club, Frankfurt.   ABN Amro and solarisBank invest $14mn in loan securitisation startup CrossLend ABN Amro and […]

Newsletter: 10 Sep 2018

Announcing the final line-up of startups: FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the 15 startups selected to present at FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition, taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018 at the Airport Club, Frankfurt.   Munich Re buys IoT middleware startup, relayr, in deal worth $300M Berlin based Internet […]

Newsletter: 3 Sep 2018

Kreditech wants to grant private loans in India Per Knopfdruck wolle Kreditech Privatdarlehen von bis zu 500.000 Rupien – umgerechnet rund 6.000 Euro – verteilen. Mit dem neuen Angebot, das im September starten soll, weitet Kreditech sein Indien-Engagement in einem Segment aus, das auch bei anderen Technologiekonzernen gerade auf großes Interesse stößt.   Innogy […]

Newsletter: 27 Aug 2018

FinLab investment AUTHADA secures well-known FinTech investor main incubator and finalizes seven-digit financing round AUTHADA GmbH, a portfolio company of FinLab AG, is a technology company based in Darmstadt that offers BSI certified products for secure and user-friendly identity verification…The technology underlying the software uses the features of the electronic identity card, as the data […]

Newsletter: 20 Aug 2018

Deposit Solutions seals new investment round of USD 100 million The Hamburg-based fintech Deposit Solutions, a pioneer of open banking and leading international platform for savings deposits, announced the closure of a new round of funding, according to a press release on August 15, 2018. The round was led by the private equity firm Vitruvian Partner […]

Newsletter: 13 Aug 2018

advinda, Börsen Zeitung and Innogy Innovation Hub  join FinTech Forum’s partner community We are proud to welcome Börsen Zeitung (media partner), advinda Investor Cloud and Innogy Innovation Hub to the FinTech Forum partner community! Congratulations to five new startups selected to present at the 10th FinTech Forum on 22nd Nov. 2018: XTECH, Fractal, RYSKEX, finbc […]

Newsletter: 6 Aug 2018

  FinTech Forum’s 5th anniversary edition- announcing further startups and partners We are proud to welcome Börsen Zeitung (media partner), advinda Investor Cloud and Innogy Innovation Hub to the FinTech Forum partner community! Congratulations to five new startups selected to present at the 10th FinTech Forum on 22nd Nov. 2018: XTECH, Fractal, RYSKEX, finbc and […]

Newsletter 31 July 2018

Growney, Aazzur and Innogy Innovation Hub set to join the 10th FinTech Forum We are pleased to announce that Growney and AAZZUR join the line-up of startups selected to present at #5YFTF, FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018. We are also proud to welcome Innogy Innovation Hub to the FinTech […]

Newsletter: 23 July 2018

Scout24 AG acquires, one of the leading consumer finance platforms in Germany Scout24 AG , a leading operator of digital marketplaces specializing in the real estate and automotive sectors in Germany and other selected European countries signed an agreement yesterday evening to acquire all shares of FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH (“”), a German online comparison portal for consumer […]

Newsletter: 16 July 2018

kapilendo secures renowned investor Axel Springer The Berlin-based FinTech startup kapilendo ( announces the successful conclusion to the Series B round of financing. Together with the existing shareholder, the Berlin Dental Association pension fund, the new investor, Axel Springer Media for Equity GmbH, is investing 6 million euros in the company.   Congratulations and […]

Newsletter: 10 July 2018

Mobiles Bezahlen: Die ersten acht Sparkassen sind live Die ersten acht Sparkassen starten mit dem Mobile Payment – mit girocard mobile und Mastercard. Die Sparkassen Aachen, Baden-Baden Gaggenau, Hannover und Nürnberg, die Förde Sparkasse, die Nassauische Sparkasse sowie die Kreissparkassen Ludwigsburg und Rhein-Hunsrück bieten seit gestern die App „Mobiles Bezahlen“ für Android-Smartphones an. Earlybird closes €175 million fund to invest in early-stage European startups Berlin-headquartered VC firm Earlybird has closed its €175 million “Digital West” fund […]

Newsletter: 3 July 2018

Check out the startups and partners for FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the first set of startups selected to present at #5YFTF, FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018: ForexFix,BITA,CrowdDesk, Imburse Payments and Neon Banking. We are also proud to welcomeMiles & More to the FinTech Forum partner community. Read more about them and their […]

Newsletter: 25 June 2018

Check out the startups and partners for FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the first set of startups selected to present at #5YFTF, FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018: ForexFix,BITA,CrowdDesk, Imburse Payments and Neon Banking. We are also proud to welcomeMiles & More to the FinTech Forum partner community. Read more about them and their […]

Newsletter: 18th June 2018

Check out the startups and partners for FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the first set of startups selected to present at #5YFTF, FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018: ForexFix,BITA,CrowdDesk, Imburse Payments and Neon Banking. We are also proud to welcomeMiles & More to the FinTech Forum partner community. Read more about them and their […]

Newsletter: 11th June 2018

Check out the line-up for FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition We are pleased to announce the first set of startups selected to present at #5YFTF,FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018: ForexFix, BITA,CrowdDesk, Imburse Payments and Neon Banking. We are also proud to welcome LH Miles & More to the FinTech Forum partner community. FinCompare raises €10 Million during […]

Newsletter: 4th June 2018

Meet FinTech Forum at Money2020 Europe! Money20/20 Europe has landed in Amsterdam with AI, collaboration and open banking high on the agenda over the next three days. Interested to connect to the German / D-A-CH FinTech scene? Connect to FinTech Forum’s Samarth Shekhar (Day 1) and Michael Mellinghoff (Day 1-3): do reach out to us […]

Newsletter: 28 May 2018

Announcing the first set of startups & partners for #5YFTF FinTech Forum We are pleased to announce the first set of startups selected to present at #5YFTF, FinTech Forum’s 5th Anniversary Edition taking place on 22nd Nov. 2018: BITA, CrowdDesk, Imburse Payments and Neon Banking. We are also proud to welcome LH Miles & More […]

Newsletter: 21 May 2018

PayPal agrees $2.2 billion deal for iZettle PayPal has reached an agreement to acquire Stockholm-based iZettle in an all-cash deal valued at $2.2 billion, it’s biggest ever transaction in a dynamic and fluctuating payments environment. The timing of the agreement comes just weeks after iZettle announced plans to float on Nasdaq Stockholm in a bid […]

Newsletter: 14 May 2018

Simplesurance raises $24 million in Series C funding Berlin-based startup simplesurance, a leader in the InsurTech industry developing an insurance service platform, receives 24 Million Dollars in the final Series-C Round. Rheingau Founders, Rakuten Capital, the investment arm of Rakuten, Inc., and Allianz X have announced further investment. Lead investor is Allianz, who has started a […]

Newsletter: 7 May 2018

Kreditech appoints David Chan as CEO Kreditech announced the appointment of David Chan as Chief Executive Officer. Alexander Graubner-Müller will stay with Kreditech in his role as founder and Deputy CEO. Alongside with Chan, Kreditech has also been appointing top talent across several other roles in its leadership ranks. Mariusz Dabrowski, former CFO and financial […]

Newsletter: 29 April 2018

Clark collects 29 million dollars In its second round of financing of the Frankfurt Insurance Clark collects 29 million dollars – a record for a Series-B in Insurtech area in Europe! Investors include the Finnish investor Portage3Ventures and White Star Capital. Clark aims to help clients manage insurance contracts, identify insurance gaps, and close deals with mutually […]

Newsletter: 20 April 2018

Apply for the 10th FinTech Forum / 5th Anniversary Edition! Apply to pitch at the 5th Anniversary Edition of the event that kicked-off the FinTech scene in Germany / D-A-CH: exactly 5 years since the inaugural FinTech Forum held on 22nd Nov. 2013. Second largest German stock exchange brings its own app for crypto […]

Newsletter: 13 April 2018

Swiss fintech startup Contovista makes banking data driven – now also internationally Contovista is renowned in the Swiss banking industry. The startup’s solid reputation meanwhile reaches across borders with Raiffeisen Banking Group, Austria counting on Contovista technology when launching their finance portal Mein ELBA. Already for years the startup successfully collaborates with different banks helping […]

Newsletter: 9 April 2018

Event Summary: FTF On Tour | UK FinTech meets Germany In partnership with the Department of International Trade, the British Embassy Berlin and Frankfurt Main Finance, TechFluence organises the FTF On Tour | UK FinTech meets Germany, bringing together top-notch UK FinTech startups addressing “real and present” challenges and opportunities for German banks. Read the event report   Employee benefits startup […]

Newsletter: 2 April 2018

Event Summary: FTF On Tour | UK FinTech meets Germany In partnership with the Department of International Trade, the British Embassy Berlin and Frankfurt Main Finance, TechFluence organises the FTF On Tour | UK FinTech meets Germany, bringing together top-notch UK FinTech startups addressing “real and present” challenges and opportunities for German banks.  Read the event report Giroxx collects capital The Frankfurt […]

Newsletter: 27 March 2018

Building FinTech bridges between London and Frankfurt  On March 22, 2018, promising entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions and others interested in FinTech, gathered in Frankfurt for the FinTech Forum on Tour. The future cooperation between FinTechs and banks, as well as the UK and Germany were at the core of the event. Snowy weather and delicious earl grey tea created a […]

Newsletter: 19th March. 2018

Kreditech and PayU launch instant cardless EMI with PayU Monedo in India Global online payment service provider PayU and Kreditech, the leading group for digital consumer lending using machine-learning based underwriting, launched the beta phase of PayU Monedo in India. PayU Monedo will provide cardless EMIs (equated monthly installments) to finance the online purchases of consumers in India. The new offering […]

Newsletter: 12th March. 2018

Banking platform SolarisBank closes €56.6M Series B from BBVA, Visa, Lakestar, and others SolarisBank, the Berlin-based “banking platform” co-founded by fintech company builder Finleap, appears to be on quite a roll. The company, which now claims nearly 60 corporate clients who offer various financial services powered by solarisBank,  has closed €56.6 million in Series B funding in […]

Newsletter: 5th March. 2018

Billomat receives seven-digit investment The accounting start-up Billomat from Nuremberg receives a capital injection from  Online News Business (ONB). The company intends to use the money to expand into Scandinavia and Spain, among others. BNP Paribas launches fintech investment fund BNP Paribas has launched a new investment fund to take direct minority stakes in innovative startups that are […]

Newsletter: 25th Feb. 2018

Zuger Startup is collecting $ 25 million in two days  The Zug startupProxeus has collected $ 25 million from 795 donors in just two days through an initial coin offering. The maximum amount per investor was limited to $ 80,000. Proxeus offers an extremely easy to use product, empowering anyone to create blockchain applications that are affordable and […]

Newsletter: 19th Feb. 2018 supercedes Visa in terms of API endpoints, the European Core Payment Platform, supersedes Visa and other major players in terms of API endpoints. The company was established in 2013 in the Czech Republic. is the Core Payment Platform wrapped into 280+ APIs.  It enables payment providers, FinTech entrepreneurs, and banks to launch […]

Newsletter: 10th Feb. 2018

Blockchain Project Raises $61 Million from A16Z, Polychain Capital A blockchain project based in Switzerland has raised $61 million from a group of investors that includes venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz and token hedge fund Polychain Capital. DFINITY Stiftung said the funding would go toward development of its blockchain protocol, aimed to support a public decentralized […]

Newsletter: 4th Feb. 2018

Scalable Capital to break through the one billion mark Digital asset management in Germany is about to break out of the niche. According to calculations by “”, the market leader Scalable Capital is approaching the € 750 million mark and is expected to break the billion mark in the spring. This is mainly due to […]

Newsletter: 28th Jan. 2018

Lendix Receives €200M Debt Institutional Financing Lendix , a Paris, France-based loan marketplace for European SMEs, received a €200m institutional debt financing. Backers included The European Investment Bank Group (EIB) via the European Investment Fund (EIF), CNP Assurances, Eiffel IM, Groupama, Zencap AM, Matmut and Decaux Frères Investissements. Paris-based cryptoassets security startup Ledger closes €61 million Series B […]

Newsletter: 19th Jan. 2018

Two million euros for the InsurTech startup Covomo  The Frankfurt-based FinTech Covomo focuses on the comparison of special and supplementary insurance for, for example, travel, pets, electronic devices and sports equipment. In a new round of financing, the startup has now taken more than two million euros. Millions in investment for Cologne Fintech startup Entrafin The fintech startup Entrafin gets […]

Newsletter: 12th Jan. 2018

Best wishes from Team FinTech Forum for a successful 2018! FinTech deals were alive and kicking in the last few weeks in Continental Europe, so we are back from the break with a round up of the key news you may have missed. Also note: Money2020 Europe, Europe’s biggest #FinTech event is moving to #Amsterdam […]

Newsletter: 15th Dec. 2017

Ngdata Raises $19M in Series C Funding Ngdata, a Gent, Belgium-based customer experience management solutions company, raised over $19m in Series C funding. Led by Luc Burgelman, CEO, and Michel Akkermans, chairman, Ngdata provides data-rich companies in financial services, telecom, utilities, hospitality, etc., with a customer data platform, called Lily™…The round was led by HPE Growth […]

Newsletter: 8th Dec. 2017

Savedroid launches ICO to enable crypto savings for everyone The FinTech startup savedroid, which specializes in artificial intelligence,launches the first German ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for blockchain inclusion: in the future, savedroid users can easily exchange their savings amounts in Bitcoin or Ethereum and save them securely. In the future, savedroid will also allow Otto normal […]

Newsletter: 1st Dec. 2017

FinTecSystems raises €4.5M, Deposit Solutions closes $20M, PikcioChain raises $6M, Credit Suisse takes stake in TradePlus24, Journey to Funding with FinTecSystems etc. FinTecSystems scores EUR4.5 million investment FinTecSystems, specialist for digital credit assessments and banking API provider, completed its series B financing round with a transaction volume of 4.5 million euros. The round is led […]

Newsletter: 24th Nov. 2017

AIB invests €30mn in TransferMate, Scalable Capital worth over €150mn, WeChat Pay starts in Germany, last chance to avail WeWork Frankfurt’s -15% discount, AIB invests 30m Euros in TransferMate AIB has invested €30m in cross-border B2B payments player TransferMate, in a move aimed at reducing international payments costs for business customers. Scalable Capital worth over […]

Newsletter: 17th Nov. 2017

EclectIQ raises €14M, Treasury Intelligence Solutions raises $12M, Last chance to avail WeWork’s 15% discount,  Interviews with FinCompare, Qumram etc. Amsterdam-based EclecticIQ secures €14 million  EclecticIQ, the global provider of Cyber Threat Intelligence technology solutions and Fusion Center operator today announced a Series B investment of €14 million. The current investment makes EclecticIQ one of the best-funded cyber security scale-ups in Europe. […]

Newsletter: 11th Nov. 2017

FTF alumnus Qumram acquired by Dynatrace, Monzo raises $93M, N26 announces expansion to US and UK, WeWork Frankfurt exclusive offer etc. Check out the latest German FinTech Scorecard (status: 31st Oct. 2017) Digital performance firm Dynatrace acquires Qumram Digital performance management company Dynatrace has acquired Qumram, a digital interaction audit solutions provider, for an undisclosed […]

Newsletter: 3rd Nov. 2017

TransferWise raises $280M, ING launches €300M fund, Natixis takes 50% in Dalenys, FinTech Forum alumni shine: BondIT raises $14.25M, LiqEase wins Slush Shanghai etc. TransferWise announces whopping $280M investment as early shareholders cash in TransferWise, the international money transfer company and one of Europe’s better-known unicorns, has announced $280 million in new investment today. The […]

Newsletter: 27th Oct. 2017

Shift Technology raises another $28 million to prevent fraudulent insurance claims Shift Technology is raising a Series B round of $28 million from Accel and General Catalyst. Accel had already led the company’s previous round. Existing investors Elaia Partners and Iris Capital are also participating in today’s round. App-driven trading startup BUX raises EUR10.6 million in Series C funding BUX […]

Newsletter, 06 Oktober – 13 Oktober 2017

Spotcap Raises €22M in Equity and Debt Funding Spotcap, a Berlin, Germany-based online lender, raised an additional €22m in equity and debt funding. Existing investors participated in the funding round which brought total capital raised to €100m. Read More… A British insurtech startup has raised £27 million in its mission to become the ‘Uber of […]

Newsletter, 23 September – 29 September 2017

FinTech Forum’s 4th anniversary event recaps European FinTech’s successes and travails While we were wicked with the timer for all preceding sessions, nobody seemed to mind as the last two spellbinding guest presentations went past the allotted time: Our alumnus Cashboard’s seven year journey that included winning multiple awards, €3mn in VC funding (2016) to […]

Newsletter, 09 September – 22 September 2017

FinTech Forum’s 4th anniversary edition- a reflection of European FinTech’s successes and travails After 5 startup pitches punctuated by a small accident, a networking lunch, 6 more startup pitches, a panel discussion with FinTech, VC and banking veterans, and some networking over coffee, most event-goers would call it a day. But who said our events […]

Newsletter, 26 August – 8 September 2017

Announcing the line-up of startups for 9th FinTech Forum: 21st Sep. 2017 Check out the line-up of the startups selected so far to present at the 9th FinTech Forum on 21st Sep. 2017 in Frankfurt. The 4th anniversary edition since our inaugural event in Nov. 2013 kicks off with a scorecard of ca. 250 startups […]

Newsletter, 18 August – 25 August 2017

Check out the line-up of startups for 9th FinTech Forum (21st Sep. 2017) Now in its fourth year, FinTech Forum brings together the most promising FinTech startups with investors and financial institutions on 21st Sep. 2017 in Frankfurt. Startups announced so far include  FinCompare, a digital marketplace for corporate finance solutions; Aigang, powering P2P insurance […]

Newsletter, 12 August – 18 August 2017

First set of startups for the 9th FinTech Forum announced Now in its fourth year, FinTech Forum brings together the most promising FinTech startups with investors and financial institutions on 21st Sep. 2017 in Frankfurt. Startups announced so far include Nitrobox, a cloud platform for order-to-cash processes, Giromatch, an automated loan solution, AuroraX, a loans […]

Newsletter, 01 Juli – 07 Juli 2017

Squirro Completes Financing Round of $10 Million Led by Orange Growth Capital Squirro, the advanced context intelligence & insights solution provider, has completed a $10m Series B funding round led by new investor, Orange Growth Capital. They are joined by another new investor, Salesforce Ventures, and existing investors. Read More… Ayondo opens for business in […]

Newsletter, 24 Juni – 30 Juni 2017

Werthstein closes €10M funding round After a first “Business Angel” funding round in autumn 2016, Munich-based Werthstein GmbH has recently closed a second successful funding round. Around € 10 Million in growth capital available. Media partnership with German publishing house Finanzen Verlag. Full wealth manager’s license according to §32 KWG Read More… Congratulations to Werthstein, […]

Newsletter, 17 Juni – 23 Juni 2017

BlackRock Takes Scalable Capital Stake in Europe ‘Robo-Advisor’ Push BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager, made its first push into Europe’s “robo-advice” market on Tuesday after taking a stake in Anglo-German digital investment manager Scalable Capital. BlackRock, which manages $5.4 trillion across a range of actively managed and index-tracking funds, led a 30 million euro […]

Newsletter, 03 Juni – 16 Juni 2017

FinCompare receives €2.5 million in seed financing FinCompare from Berlin has completed its seed financing, collecting a total of €2.5 million. Investors are two Austrian companies, VC Speedinvest and insurance company Uniqa as well as Business Angel André Bajorat, among others.  Read More… awamo raises EUR 2m in seed funding After awamo’s initial funding round in 2015, […]

Newsletter, 27 Mai – 02 Juni 2017

Exporo raises 8 Million Euro, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Sunstone und BPO Capital investieren weitere 8 Millionen Euro in Exporo, eine Plattform rund um das Thema Crowdinvesting in Immobilien. Gegründet wurde das Start-up von Simon Brunke, Björn Maronde, Tim Bütecke und Julian Oertzen. Read More… Evolute raises 6 million in series A financing round The Zug-based […]

Newsletter, 20 Mai – 26 Mai 2017

Zelig Associates advises additiv on CHF21 million investment led by BZ Bank The investment round, led by Switzerland-based BZ Bank (acting on behalf of clients) and Patinex (Martin Ebner’s private investment vehicle) is the first external equity funding additiv has received since inception. Read More… N26 moves into savings market with Raisin API Mobile-only banking […]

Newsletter, 13 Mai – 19 Mai 2017

Contiamo Receives Investment from Venture Capital Firm Capnamic Ventures  Contiamo, a Berlin, Germany-based provider of a data science platform, received an investment of undisclosed amount from tech venture capital firm Capnamic Ventures. Capnamic joined an existing network of investors, including hub:raum and Vogel Ventures. The company will use the funds to further expand its product […]

Newsletter, 06 Mai – 12 Mai 2017

Kreditech raises €110M from Naspers’ PayU in strategic financing partnership Kreditech, the German startup backed by Peter Thiel, Rakuten and the IFC that creates credit ratings and provides finance to people who may not otherwise have credit histories, has raised another round of funding from one of its strategic partners. Read More… Lakestar is investing in Berlin’s […]

Newsletter, 29 April – 07 Mai 2017

Crowdlending pioneer Cashare closes Series A funding Der Zuger Crowdlending Pionier Cashare hat die dritte Finanzierungsrunde abgeschlossen. Zudem unterstützen neu ein ausgewiesener Finanzrechts-Experte und eine Person mit grosser Erfahrung im Börsenwesen und Aufbau von innovativen Handelsplattformen das Unternehmen. Read More… Savedo supported by BNP Paribas und Plug and Play Accelerator Als eines von nur zehn […]

Newsletter, 22 April – 28 April 2017

FinLab AG enters into million euro investment in Fintech-SaaS pioneer FastBill FinLab AG is set to make a seven-figure investment in FastBill, the leading German SaaS tool for small business financial management. Along with FinLab, coparion will also be participating in this investment. FastBill will invest these new financial resources in continued strong growth and […]

Newsletter, 15 April – 21 April 2017

Raisin Fintech Startup raises $3.2 billion, one-third of which raised in the last four months The Raisin fintech startup attracted investors from around Europe and gained funds worth $3.2 billion approximately. Read More… Sparda-Banken cooperate with Die Sparda-Banken bieten gemeinsam mit, Deutschlands größter privater Zahlungsinfrastruktur, den Service „ SpardaBargeld “ an. Mitglieder der Genossenschaftsbanken haben […]

Newsletter, 08 April – 14 April 2017

Lend Closes CHF3.5M Series A Funding Lend, a Zürich, Switzerland-based fintech startup, closed a CHF3.5m Series A funding. Backers included angel investors and Polytech Ecosystem Ventures. In conjunction with the funding, Dr. Stefan Jaecklin, former Head Oliver Wyman Switzerland, the global financial services consulting company, and Dr. Luzius Anderegg, senior software developer at software company Ergon […]

Newsletter, 01 April – 07 April 2017

New Funding for Savedroid Boosts Total Capital to More than $22 Million German startup had picked up funding from investment bank Rhineland-Palatinate and a group of angel investors including Debjit Chaudhuri, founder of Traxpay and former Infosys manager. The amount of the funding was not disclosed (Crunchbase reports €20 million) but savedroid says that the company’s total capital, which includes a million euro seed […]

Newsletter, 27 März – 31 März 2017

ottonova raises 15 Million Euro Tengelmann Ventures, b-to-v und STS Ventures, also Onvista-Gründer Stephan Schubert, investieren neben Holtzbrinck Ventures und Vorwerk Ventures weitere 15 Millionen Euro in ottonova, Deutschlands ersten Online-Krankenvollversicherer – berichtet die “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Read More… Bitcoin exchange ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million in Series A ShapeShift is the world’s leading instant exchange for […]

Newsletter, 18 März – 26 März 2017

figo Raises Funding from Berliner Volksbank Ventures figo, a Humburg, Germany-based banking service provider, raised a funding round of undisclosed amount. Berliner Volksbank Ventures made the investment joining a group of investors including angels and DB1 Ventures, the investment vehicle of Deutsche Börse. Read More… Accounting startup Billomat raises multi-million funding Online News Business, ein Tochterunternehmen […]

Newsletter, 11 März -17 März 2017

Japan’s Rakuten invests in Berlin ‘InsurTech’ company Simplesurance, taking funding to €30 million Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has invested in Berlin-based “InsurTech” — insurance technology — company Simplesurance, amid a flurry of interest in the sector. Read More… German fintech startup Solarisbank raises €26.3 million German fintech startup Solarisbank has just raised €26.3 million. Investors include the […]

Newsletter, 04 März – 10 März 2017

MUUME collaborates with European payment service provider Ingenico Swiss fintech MUUME and Ingenico Payment Services team up to support retailers in digitizing the purchasing and ordering processes. Ingenico Group focused on integrated payment solutions across all payment methods is active in 170 countries and has almost 7’000 employees. Read More… Swiss FinTech Awards 2017 an […]

Newsletter, 25 Februar – 3 März 2017

Berlin Fintech-Startup Liqid raises additional €4.5 Million Automatisierte Geldanlagen, etwa durch Robo-Adviser, sollen die Anlageform der Zukunft sein, heißt es immer wieder. Und zumindest auf dem Papier ist das schnell und schlüssig dargelegt: Weil Algorithmen Geld in Fonds investieren, die selbst auch nicht von echten Menschen gesteuert werden, fallen keine nennenswerten Kosten an – und […]

Newsletter, 18 Februar – 24 Februar 2017

SolarisBank scores EUR30m in Series B funding round German Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP) startup solarisBank has raised EUR30 million in a Series B funding round as it gears up to go live with a host of fintech firm partners, Finextra understands. Read More… German fintech software firm Bexio raises €7 million The German startup Bexio, a provider of […]

Newsletter, 11 Februar – 17 Februar 2017

Cembra Money Bank acquires invoice financing provider SWISSBILLING SWISSBILLING is an invoice finance company founded in 2011 with operations mainly in Western Switzerland. The acquisition will enable Cembra to expand the product offering to retailers and merchants. Read More… Hamburg’s Varengold Bank AG supports the Berlin FinTech Startup Grover with a multi-million ABS loan  Das Berliner […]

Newsletter, 04 Februar – 10 February 2017

Klarna to acquire German payments company BillPay for reported £60 million Swedish e-commerce payments company Klarna is acquiring Germany’s BillPay. Sky News is reporting the deal is worth £60 million.The UK’s Wonga had owned BillPay, another online payments company which operated in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Read More… Congratulations to BillPay, an alumnus of the 2nd FinTech Forum (May 2014), as […]

Newsletter, 28 Januar – 03 Februar 2017

Aegon to Invest 1.5 Billion EUR in Auxmoney Loans; Leads €15M Series E Dutch insurance company Aegon, international provider of life insurance, pensions and asset management, intensifies relationship with leading German p2p lending marketplace Auxmoney. Aegon plans to invest 1.5 bilion (!) Euro into p2p consumer loans issued by Auxmoney within the next 3 years. This is […]

Newsletter, 22 Januar – 27 Januar 2017

Raisin raises €30 million European financial deposit marketplace Raisin has closed a €30 million Series C financing with a goal of expanding into new markets and broadening its product based beyond savings accounts to encompass new investment opportunities. The round was led by US-based Thrive Capital …with participation of Raisin’s existing investors Palo-Alto-based Ribbit Capital […]

Newsletter, 13 Januar – 21 Januar 2017

Fraugster, a startup that uses AI to detect payment fraud, raises $5M Fraugster, a German and Israeli startup that has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help eliminate payment fraud, has raised $5 million in funding. Read More… Neufund raises €2 million to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and private equity Neufund has landed €2 million […]

Newsletter, 10 Januar – 14 Januar 2017

Swiss fintech Advanon closes second funding round, raises 13.5M CHF Switzerland-based fintech company Advanon announced that it has closed the second round of funding and has raised 13.5 million CHF, Finextra reported. Read More… W&W acquires majority stake in treefin AG German insurer Wüstenrot & Württembergische or better yet W&W has acquired a majority stake in treefin AG; the mobile-first digital insurance […]

Newsletter, 02 Januar – 09 Januar 2017

We hope you had an enjoyable holiday. 2016 marked three years of FinTech Forum, a journey summarized in our blog #3YFTF: 200+ Startups | ~$100M raised | 30+ Funding Rounds. None of this was possible without the startups, investors, financial institutions and partners that have been part of our events and our online community- thank you […]

Newsletter, 10 Dezember – 16 Dezember 2016

The FinTech Forum Team wishes all our community members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will be back after a short break on 9th Jan. 2017. BillFront raises € 33 million to help digital media companies manage invoicing BillFront is a London and Berlin-based FinTech startup which enables the digital media industry […]

Newsletter, 03 Dezember – 09 Dezember 2016

London savings startup Abaka secures £520,000 investment  ABAKA, an intelligent savings platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, announced today that it has raised £520,000 in seed funding. Anthemis Exponential Ventures, the investment partnership powered by Anthemis Group, a leading venture investment and advisory firm, and Exponential Ventures, the disruptive venture capital arm of MMI Holdings, leads […]

Newsletter, 26 November – 02 Dezember

Deutsche Börse partners Naga Group to build gaming marketplace Deutsche Börse is to create a new marketplace for trading virtual gaming products in partnership with local fintech incubation vehicle Naga. Read More… Partnerschaft erschliesst MUUME Millionen potenzieller Nutzer Das Schweizer Fintech-Unternehmen MUUME und die Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH  kooperieren. Ein Ziel ist es, den physischen Sportausweis […]

Newsletter, 19 November – 25 November 2016

Cashboard closes international Series A round Cashboard (, Germany’s fastest growing online wealth management platform, has secured a series A funding of EUR 3m lead by Digital Space Ventures. The existing investors Redalpine, Earlybird, 500 Startups and renown private investors also participated in the round. Other existing investors include Makers, ProSiebenSat.1 and others. Read More… […]

Newsletter, 14 November – 18 November 2016

FinTech Forum alumni Scalable Capital, Quantoz win awards as Frankfurt opens Tech Quartier …In der Kategorie Seed/Early Stage gewann der digitale Vermögensverwalter Scalable aus München. Sieger in der Kategorie Growth Stage wurde der Anbieter von Online-Identifikationsverfahren WebID Solutions aus Berlin. Im Bereich Late Stage lag CRX Markets aus München vorn, die gerade den Factoring-Markt aufmischen […]

Newsletter, 05 November – 13 November 2016

8th FinTech Forum: the event in tweets Couldn’t make it to the 8th FTF, also our 3rd anniversary edition? Check out the event in tweets to discover startups tackling “risk & compliance as a service”, physical metal trading, media-driven investment etc. For our market update and some interesting numbers about the over 200 startups that […]

Newsletter, 29 Oktober – 04 November 2016

Vienna’s Ixolit invests in FinTech-Startup b4payment Das IT-Unternehmen Ixolit investiert eine sechsstellige Summe in b4payment und eröffnet damit die neue Finanzierungsrunde des FinTech-Startups. Der Investor unterstützt das junge Unternehmen nicht nur monetär, sondern auch durch die Einbindung in sein eigenes Payment Gateway Ixopay. Read More… Congratulations to b4payment, which presented at the 5th FinTech Forum (Vienna, June 2015) […]

Newsletter, 22 Oktober – 28 Oktober 2016

Countdown to 8th FinTech Forum – the third anniversary edition! With just 10 days to go, it is time to check out the (almost final) line-up of startups selected to present at the 8th FinTech Forum. Given that this our “3rd anniversary edition”, we also did some quick stock taking: Of the ~200 startups that […]

Newsletter, 15 Oktober – 21 Oktober 2016

32nd Floor invests again in 32nd Floor, die Beteiligungsgesellschaft der Skjerven Group, investiert erneut in den Maklervergleich Im Zuge der Pre-Serie- A-Finanzierung steigt auch der ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator in das junge Unternehmen ein. Read More… main incubator invests again in Grover Die Commerzbank-Tochter main incubator investiert im Rahmen einer Asset-Finanzierung erneut in Grover, eine […]

Newsletter, 08 Oktober – 14 Oktober 2016

Banking-App Kontist gets 2 mn euros more Kontist sammelt bereits vor dem Launch weitere Millionen ein. Die Idee des Berliner Startups: Ein N26 für Freelancer und Gründer zu entwickeln. Read More… Investment for Factoring Start-up FundFlow Der High-Tech Gründerfonds investiert in das Online-Factoring-Portal FundFlow. Das Berlier Fintech-Start-up kauft Forderungen von kleinen Unternehmen und Freelancern auf […]

Newsletter, 01 Oktober – 07 Oktober 2016

Creathor Venture invests millions in iFunded real estate crowdfunding platform Creathor Venture, one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, invests a seven digit amount in a pre-Series A round in, a German real estate crowdinvesting platform. Read More… Lendstar raises multi-million euros Nicht genannte Investoren und die Altgesellschafter – darunter DvH Ventures – investieren […]

Newsletter, 24 September – 30 September 2016

German fintech firm Smava scores $34 million to bolster its credit comparison business German fintech pioneer Smava has raised $34 million in fresh funding. The Berlin-based company, which has been around for nearly a decade, has raised the round from Runa Capital, Verdane Capital, and prior backers such as Earlybird. Read More… IDnow Secures […]

Newsletter, 17 September – 23 September 2016

Swiss fintech startup FinanceFox grabs $28 million investment for insurance business FinanceFox is consolidating insurance policies into one app, making the boring and stressful task of organizing your insurance far less of a headache Read More… ‘Robo advisor’ Scalable Capital is getting up to €4 million in new deposits each week Online wealth management startup […]

Newsletter, 10 September – 16 September 2016

Transamerica Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft jointly invest in raises Series A funding from Aegon-owned venture capital firm Transamerica Ventures and VC Fonds Technologie Berlin managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. Saving Global- founders Tamaz Georgadze and Frank Freund also participated in the round, along with other industry insiders and business angels. Read More… Congratulations to […]

Newsletter, 03 September – 09 September 2016

Online-Finetrader (tradico) raises 2,5 Million Euro  Earlybird, DvH Ventures und der Frühphasen-Investor Speedinvest investieren 2,5 Millionen Euro in das Fintech-Startup Tradico. Das Unternehmen, das sich als Online-Finetrader für den gewerblichen Bereich positioniert, wurde 2014 von Mario Springer und Manuel Hehle in gegründet. Read More… Payworks receives ($4.5 M) funding  Payworks‘ gateway technology, Pulse, wants to […]

Newsletter, 27 August – 02 September 2016

Ver­da­ne Ca­pi­tal investiert in smava und Searchmetrics Der schwedische Kapitalgeber Ver­da­ne Ca­pi­tal investiert in den Kreditvergleich smava und in die SEO-Dienstleister Searchmetrics. Die “Mit-Kon­trol­le” über Search­me­trics und der Er­werb von An­tei­len an sma­va wurden bereits beim Bundeskartellamt angemeldet. Read More… closes financing round: Zürcher Kantonalbank becomes a significant minority shareholder announced today that […]

Newsletter, 20 August – 26 August 2016

Frankfurt-based fintech startup Ginmon closes financing round to expand internationally  The Frankfurt-based Robo Advisor Ginmon just closed a financing round in the 7-digit Euro range to pursue their international growth strategy. The four-times oversubscribed financing round was led by London based VC Passion Capital. Read More… BLKB takes a stake in Robo Advisor True Wealth  Die Basellandschaftliche […]

Newsletter, 13 August – 19 August 2016

Peer-to-peer payment app Cookies launches in Germany If you’re reading this article and live in the U.S., you might not realize that Venmo, Square Cash,Facebook Messenger payments and other similar services only work in the U.S. In many countries, such as Germany, most people still have to rely on wire transfers and IBANs to send money to their […]

Newsletter, 06 August – 12 August 2016

FinTecSystems closes Series A funding round and announces expansion in Europe FinTecSystems, the German startup that provides critical data and analysis to the financial services industry, announced that it has closed a Series A investment round. The round is in the seven-figure range and is led by VC’s Littlerock and Ventech. Previous investors MenschDanke Capital and […]

Newsletter, 30 Juli – 05 August 2016

German insurance startup Clark closes €13.2M Series A Enter one of FinLeap’s existing portfolio companies, Clark, which operates in the insurance space with an app to help you stay on top of your various insurance products. Today the Berlin/Frankfurt startup is announcing it’s closed €13.2 million in Series A funding, made up of both equity and […]

Newsletter, 23 Juli – 29 Juli 2016

France’s BPCE to buy fintech Fidor Bank The old and new worlds of banking came together on Thursday as Fidor Bank, the German online bank, said it had agreed to be acquired by Groupe BPCE, the large mutually owned French lender. Fidor is one of the best-known names in the German fintech scene. Founded by […]

Newsletter, 16 Juli – 22 Juli 2016

Renowned Investor Peter Thiel Increases Investment in Leading European Fintech, Deposit Solutions Prominent venture capital firms today announce they have invested €15 million in European fintech company Deposit Solutions GmbH, a fast growing fintech innovator operating in the €9 trillion market for retail deposits in Europe. Read More… Decimo raises 500.000 Euro from IBB and […]

Newsletter, 09 Juli – 15 Juli 2016

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Exporo Raises €8.2M in Series A Funding Exporo, a Hamburg, Germany-based real estate crowdfunding platform, raised €8.2m in Series A funding. Backers included, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Sunstone and BPO Capital. The company intends to use the funds to expand its hiring, product development and marketing efforts. Read More… Swiss PostFinance and […]

Newsletter, 02 Juli – 08 Juli 2016

Spotcap raises millions yet again, to finance Dutch companies They might not be swimming in it, but there certainly doesn’t seem to be a shortage for money at fintech scale-up Spotcap. For the second time this year they raised millions in an investment round. This week they announced they closed yet another funding round of […]

Newsletter, 25 Juni – 01 Juli 2016

FinTech-Startup Smacc raises 3.5 Million Euro Cherry Ventures, Rocket Internet, DvH Ventures, Grazia Equity und einige Business Angels investieren 3,5 Millionen Euro in Smacc. Das Postdamer Start-up will die “Buchhaltung für immer verändern”. Read more… Digital Asset Management Company Liqid Raises Venture Capital Funding Liqid Investments GmbH, a Berlin, Germany-based digital asset management company, raised […]

Newsletter, 18 Juni – 24 Juni 2016

Number26 raises $40m Berlin-based smartphone-only bank Number26 is set to expand its presence across Europe after closing a $40 million Series B funding round led by Horizons Ventures. Battery Ventures, R obert Gentz, David Schneider and Rubin Ritter also joined the round alongside existing investors Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, Earlybird Ventures and Redalpine Ventures. Number26’s […]

Newsletter, 11 Juni – 17 Juni 2016

German fintech company builder FinLeap raises €21M at €121M valuation Berlin-based FinLeap, which is a German-style company builder specialising in fintech, has raised €21 million in new funding. Backing is said to come from original investor HitFox Group along with institutional investors from the insurance industry, including Hannover Re, the third largest worldwide reinsurer. Read […]

Newsletter, 04 Juni – 10 Juni 2016

Muume closes CHF 2.2 million Series A financing round Muume, a Cham based social mobile payment provider with enhanced loyalty, couponing and merchant point of sale, has received CHF 2.2 million in series A for growth financing. The company will use the funds to foster further market entry and international expansion. Read More…  FinTech Forum […]

Newsletter, 30 Mai – 03 Juni 2016

JDC Group acquires ‘’ in way of an asset deal Acquires ‘’, one of the leading online comparison platforms in the German insurance market Read More… Raisin launches platform for France Today Raisin, the Pan-European online deposit marketplace, has launched for customers in France, in French language and with dedicated French customer support. Read More… European […]

Newsletter, 21 Mai – 29 Mai 2016

The DAO bricht Crowdfunding-Rekorde und sammelt fast $160 Millionen ein Ein Unternehmen bricht gerade alle Crowdfunding-Rekorde: The DAO hat in den vergangenen drei Wochen fast 160 Millionen US-Dollar eingesammelt. Die Organisation ist in jeder Hinsicht ungewöhnlich. Read More… Ten times more funding for German Fintech Startups Jede Menge Geld für Deutschlands Fintech-Startups: Eine Gesamtsumme in einer Höhe von […]

Newsletter, 14 Mai – 20 Mai 2016

New platforms drive strong growth in Swiss Crowdfunding market Im Jahr 2015 ist der Schweizer Crowdfunding-Markt erneut stark gewachsen. Dies zeigt das Crowdfunding Monitoring Schweiz 2016. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr stieg das Volumen der vermittelten Gelder um 73 Prozent auf 27,3 Millionen Franken. Insbesondere Crowdlending für KMU und Real Estate Crowdfunding werden haben dazu beitragen, […]

Newsletter, 07 Mai – 13 Mai 2016

iPad POS startup orderbird secures €20 million in Series C round Orderbird, an iPad point of sale system for the hospitality industry, has raised €20 million in a Series C round led by Digital+ Partners along with German retailer Metro Group and payment provider Concardis. Read More… Raphaels Bank partners Avuba for alternative payment account Demonstrating its growing reputation […]

Newsletter, 30 April – 06 Mai 2016

7th FinTech Forum in Tweets For all those who missed the 7th FinTech Forum, here is a fast-forward through the day in tweets and pictures, including “Please mind the gap! Dr Alexander Kihm disrupts pensions, offering a flexible, customer-focused pension service @Fairrde #FTF7 #fintech “, @Moneycircles The first decentralised p2p lending marketplace” and of course “At #FTF7, […]

Newsletter, 23 April – 29 April 2016

Savedo closes international funding round successfully Savedo, der erste internationale Online-Finanzmarktplatz für Sparanlagen im EU-Ausland, erhält in einer erneuten Finanzierungsrunde umgerechnet weitere 5,6 Millionen US-Dollar Wachstumskapital.  Gesamtfinanzierung nun bei über 10 Millionen USD. Kapital von neuen Investoren aus Deutschland, Frankreich und Großbritannien. Read more… Bitwala receives €800k in seed funding The Bitwala team is proud to announce that we […]

Newsletter, 16 April – 22 April 2016

Startups with bold FinTech bets and a clued-in audience: an intense 7th FinTech Forum! With startups addressing robo-advisory and cool banking apps, but also “boring but big” pieces of European finance like pensions, credit unions, SEPA payments and financial risk modeling, FTF7 rocked. With “what exactly are you looking for” to very specific questions on […]

Newsletter, 09 April – 15 April 2016

Countdown 7th FinTech Forum (21s April): Line-up shows bolder FinTech bets The line-up of startups – with players taking on business banking, pensions and credit unions – shows how far we have come from our first event back in Nov. 2013. With investments of over $1.3 bn in the region in 2015 second to none […]

Newsletter, 02 April – 08 April 2016

Two reasons to be in Frankfurt on 20th & 21st April : TheFINTECHBook launch & 7th FinTech Forum Reason #1. TheFINTECHBook Launch in Germany:  Frankfurt on 20.4.16 at Deutsche Börse, Zuschauergalerie Reason #2. 7th FinTech Forum, Frankfurt  on 21.04.16. at The Airport Club, Frankfurt Airport. Read on for more…   TheFINTECHBook Launch in Germany:  Frankfurt […]

Newsletter, 18 März – 01 April 2016

Countdown to the 7th FinTech Forum: 21st April 2016 in Frankfurt. The startups on stage will include an IBM Watson powered Cognitive Customer Engagement platform, the only startup in the world to offer a life long pension, and a WhatsApp-meets-PayPal remittance solution. The line-up of investors includes Xange, Ventegis, FinTech Group etc. and several leading […]

Newsletter, 12 März – 18 März 2016

Hertha sammelt eine Million Euro in nur neun Minuten via Eigentlich war die Aktion auf 60 Tage angelegt: Nun sammelt Hertha BSC via in Windeseile eine Million Euro bei Anlegern ein. Read more… Congratulations to Team Kapilendo, who are among the startups selected to present at the 7th FinTech Forum on 21st April […]

Newsletter, 05 März – 11 März 2016

7th FinTech Forum (21st April 2016): first set of selected startups announced Selected startups include a British and Dutch trio connecting the $1 trillion credit union market (Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken), a PayPal-meets-Whatsapp money transfer and chat platform from Munich, a Finnish startup using blockchain tech for cross-border banking for businesses. Check out the “Startups in a Tweet” and their […]

Newsletter, 27 Februar – 04 März 2016

Auxmoney Raises Series D from Seven Ventures Auxmoney, one of the oldest German p2p lending marketplaces, has completed a Series D round with Seven Ventures as lead investor. The specifics were not disclosed, only that Seven Ventures along with Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures und Foundation Capital invested a double digit million Euro amount. Read […]

Newsletter, 20 Februar – 26 Februar 2016

The bank that fintech built: Number26 and TransferWise team up to re-invent banking Two European fintech startups are teaming up to give a glimpse of what the bank of tomorrow could look like. Number26, a Peter Thiel-backed German startup that’s setting out to create the bank account of the future, has announced a tie-up with London-based […]

Newsletter 13 Februar – 19 Februar 2016

SumUp + payleven = nearly €100 Mn VC Investment In SumUp flossen bisher 50 Millionen Euro. payleven, das aus dem Hause Rocket Internet stammt, sammelte bisher umgerechnet rund 46 Millionen Euro ein. Knapp vier Jahre nach dem Start sind payleven und SumUp somit gut aufgestellt. Ein Überflieger sind beide Unternehmen aber nicht. Read More… The […]

Newsletter, 06 Februar – 12 Februar 2016

Mobile Payments Startup Payleven Raises Another $10M … Payleven, a mobile payments startup originally incubated in 2012 at Berlin’s Rocket Internet, says it has raised a $10 million growth round from a selection of existing investors — Holtzbrinck Ventures, ru-Net, B Cinque, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and MePay — as well as new backer Seventure […]

Newsletter, 30 Januar – 05 Februar 2016

Online lending platform Spotcap raises EUR 31.5M in funding Online lending platform Spotcap successfully closes its third financing round. The Berlin-based financial technology company raises EUR 31.5 million in new funding led by international private equity firm, Finstar Financial Group, with participation from previous investor Holtzbrinck Ventures. Spotcap intends to use the funds to expand […]

Newsletter, 23 Januar – 29 Januar 2016

Nanopayments Software Developer SatoshiPay Seals €360K Seed Round Bitcoin nanopayment platform SatoshiPay has announced the completion of its seeding round that raised a total capital investment of €360,000, with blockchain-startup investor Coinsilium bringing in €150,000 to the round. WeltN24 invests in Clark WeltN24 investiert mittels Medialeistung in den Versicherungsmakler Clark. “Das Investment von WeltN24 […]

Newsletter, 16 Januar – 22 Januar 2016

Deutsche Börse takes a stake in US FinTech Digital Asset Die Deutsche Börse drückt bei ihren Investitionen in Start-ups aus der Finanztechnologie-Branche aufs Tempo. Das Unternehmen habe sich im Rahmen einer gut 50 Mio. Dollar (46 Mio. Euro) schweren Finanzierungsrunde am New Yorker FinTech Digital Asset beteiligt, erklärte Deutschlands größter Börsenbetreiber. Applications open for […]

Newsletter, 09 January – 15 January 2016

Mambu, The SaaS Banking Platform, Picks Up €8 Million Funding Mambu, the SaaS banking platform, has raised a further €8 million in funding. The round was led by Acton Capital Partners and CommerzVentures, with participation from existing investors. FinanceFox raises $5.5 million Berlin-, Zurich- and Barcelona-based FinanceFox was founded in Switzerland lets users manage their insurances […]

Newsletter, 26 Dezember 2015 – 08 Januar 2016

Happy New Year! Team FinTech Forum wishes our community a great new year ahead! We are back after a two week break, but things weren’t quiet in the European FinTech scene, with over $30 mn pouring in. Stay tuned for further updates and analysis on FinTech in 2015. Also check out: Money20/20 Europe – Hear […]

Newsletter, 19 Dezember – 25 Dezember 2015

Season’s Greetings from Team FinTech Forum There was plenty going on this year – here is a quick wrap-up of the highlights. Our newsletter will be back after a short break in the second week of January. The FinTech Forum team wishes you and your family a great holiday season, and an excellent start into […]

Newsletter, 12 Dezember – 18 Dezember 2015

Blockchain Startup Everledger Joins Allianz Backed FinTech Accelerator Blockchain startup Everledger has joined a startup accelerator owned by insurance and financial services company Allianz France…London-based Everledger uses a blockchain implementation as a diamond verification registry, which, as described by CEO Leanne Kemp in an August interview with CoinDesk, is akin to “putting bling on the blockchain”. These Fintechs […]

Newsletter, 4 Dezember – 11 Dezember 2015

Star-Manager Rolf Elgeti invests in Fintech Startup Creditshelf Der ehemalige Immobilienmanager Elgeti beteiligt sich an Creditshelf. Das Fintech-Startup vermittelt Kredite an Mittelständler. Rocket Internet invests in Smacc Berlin-based bookkeeping software Smacc raised a seed round last month. While the amount is unclear, the investors are not: Rocket Internet’s Fonds Global Founders Capital, Horizon Ventures and Cherry Ventures as […]

Newsletter, 28 November – 04 Dezember 2015

€1.5 million for peer-to-peer money transfer startup Cookies Former Number26 employees launched the peer-to-peer money transfer startup Cookies earlier this year. Today, the fintech startup announces a €1.5 million investment. The seed round comes from  StudiVZ founder Ehssan Dariani, Holtzbrinck Ventures and business angels such as Auxmoney’s CEO Ra­ffael Johnen, StudiVZ founder Dennis Bemmann, Chad Fowler, Benedikt Lehnert  and Stef­fen Kiedel. Interhyp-founders invest in Savedo […]

Newsletter, 21 November – 27 November 2015

FinTech Start-up Novofina raises €1m Ungenannte Investoren pumpen in der zweiten Finanzierungsrunde 1 Million Euro in das Wiener FinTech-Start-up Novofina. Loyalty card startup 10stamps now belongs to Wirecard Das Münchner Start-up 10stamps, das die Stempelkarte aufs Handy gebracht hat, gehört nun zu Wirecard, einem Unternehmen rund um White-Label-Lösungen für den elektronischen Zahlungsverkehr. Money20/20 […]

Newsletter, 14 November – 20 November 2015

6th FinTech Forum in Tweets: Blockchain, InsurTech & InvestTech Startups on Stage The event – marking two years since the first event in Nov. 2013 – included highlights from the Bankathon 2015. Presenting startups included „no limits capacity“ hardware for blockchain, a digital copyright solution, a „connected insurance analytics platform“ and several approaches to automating […]

Newsletter, 07 November – 13 November 2015

FinTecSystems gets Seed Round from Heilemann Ventures, MenschDanke Capital and Business Angels Die FinTecSystems GmbH will das eigene Unternehmenswachstum vorantreiben und wirbt dafür im Rahmen einer Seed-Finanzierung frische Mittel ein. Das Wagniskapital wird durch Heilemann Ventures GmbH (, MenschDanke Capital GmbH und Business Angels bereitgestellt. Zur Höhe wurden keine Angaben gemacht. MKS and Alex […]

Newsletter, 31 Oktober – 06 November 2015

Compeon raises €2.5 million Emsdetten-based fintech startup Compeon also announces an investment: €2.5 million round. Besides already existing investor Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures, B-to-v and Tengelmann Ventures invested. The investment will be used to hire new staff, increase marketing activities, and extend IT functionality. FinTech API startup Figo raises seven-digit amount Hamburg-based Fintech startup Figo announces […]

Newsletter, 24 Oktober – 30 Oktober 2015

Swiss Mobile-First Insurance Broker Knip Picks Up $15.7M Series B The digitisation of legacy industries shows no signs of slowing and nor does the enthusiasm of VCs for startups doing just that. Knip, the Swiss ‘mobile-first’ digital insurance broker, has closed a $15.7 million Series B round led by U.S.-based Route 66 Ventures. Germany’s […]

Newsletter, 17 Oktober – 23 Oktober 2015

Aegon expands investment in Germany’s leading consumer loan platform (auxmoney) Germany’s leading online peer-to-peer loan marketplace, auxmoney, has entered a partnership with Aegon Bank….In addition to the equity stake Transamerica Ventures owns in the company, Aegon Bank has committed to provide €150 million funding for loans on the auxmoney platform. (Congratulations to Auxmoney, which […]

Newsletter, 10 Oktober – 16 Oktober 2015

Germany’s Finpoint Makes Move to UK, Joins Forces with PwC and Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership The newly announced partnership between Finpoint, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and PwC allows for the expansion of Pinpoint’s service into the UK. Finpoint has already been supported by 70 lenders across the UK, including among others Loyds Bank, […]

Newsletter, 03 Oktober – 09 Oktober 2015

Target Global invests in FinLeap InsureTech Startup Clark Target Global investiert gemeinsam mit dem ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator sowie Karl-Heinz Flöther und Thomas Noth in den Versicherungsmakler Clark. Das Start-up, ein Ableger der Berliner FinTech-Fabrik Finleap, ist das erste Seed-Investment von Target Global in Deutschland. Rocket Internet’s Zencap: exit to British FinTech Unicorn Funding Circle? Die […]

Newsletter, 26 September – 02 Oktober 2015

Kreditech Nabs $92M To Build Financial Services For The ‘Underbanked’ Another startup out of Europe focused on finance has raised a hefty round of funding. Kreditech, a German company building a suite of credit and banking products for consumers who have little or no credit history, has raised €82.5 million ($92 million) to continue adding more products and geographies […]

Newsletter, 19 September – 25 September 2015

kapilendo gewinnt neuen Investor Spiros Margaris, Geschäftsführer der Beratungsboutique Margaris Advisory, investiert in das Berliner Fintech-Startup kapilendo. “In meinen Augen ist kapilendo eines der vielversprechendsten deutschen Top-Fintech-Unternehmen. HTGF investiert in Skoove und isaac10 Der High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) investiert in Skoove, eine Internetplattform mit interaktiven Klavier-Kurse, und in isaac10 (ehemals Liquid Payment), einen Paymentdienst. […]

Newsletter, 12 September – 18 September 2015

FUSION, Switzerland’s first fintech accelerator, selects its first intake Fusion, Switzerland’s first fintech accelerator, announces the selection of its 10 start-ups, drawn from all of the world, which will enter its 12-month acceleration programme starting on 5 October. Finpoint to help SMEs gain vital access to funding Finpoint will connect companies with a network […]

Newsletter, 05 September – 11 September 2015

FinReach raises 700,000 Euro funding Im Rahmen des ProFIT-Programms der Investitionsbank Berlin fließen 700.000 Euro in FinReach, ein Start-up aus dem Hause FinLeap. FinReach ermöglicht Banken etwa einen digitalen Girokontowechsel-Service anzubieten. Decimo raises 6-digit funding Startkapital: Ein “Intershop-Co-Founder”, den Namen will die Jungfirma nicht verraten, investiert einen sechsstelligen Betrag in Decimo. Das Berliner Start-up […]

Newsletter, 28 August – 04 September 2015

Record Deal for German (FinTech) Startup: Zencap German online lender Zencap received a record $230-million cash injection from a U.S. investor, the most ever for a continental European startup. The CEO told Handelsblatt the money will propel Zencap into the big leagues. SumUp Raises Another €10 Million to Boost Their mPOS Growth A provider […]

Newsletter, 15 August – 21 August 2015

moneymeets raises €3.5mn in VC funding Cologne-based FinTech startup Moneymeets announces a €3.5 million round. It was led by Swiss Woodman Asset Management AG. DvH Ventures, John Werner Madaus and Thomas May also joined the round. Being founded in 2012, Moneymeets is a platform that lets its clients manage their accounts, insurances and depots, as well as […]

Newsletter, 8 August – 14 August 2015

Fintech startup awamo raises $550k in funding for Uganda launch Fintech startup awamo, which offers tech solutions to microfinance institutions, has closed its first funding round, raising EUR500,000 (US$550,000) in order to launch its mobile and biometric all‐in‐one‐solution for lenders in Africa, with Uganda the first port of call. (Congratulations to Team awamo (then […]

Newsletter, 01 August – 07 August 2015

SavingsGlobal, an Amazon for EU savings, raises EUR20 million in funding SavingGlobal, a German startup that enables savers to access the best deposit rates across Europe, has closed €20 million Series B financing led by Palo Alto-based Ribbit Capital and Index Ventures with participation from Yuri Milner and Tom Stafford, bringing the total amount raised […]

Newsletter, 23 Juli – 31 Juli 2015

Commerzbank venture fund invests in iwoca The venture capital arm of Germany’s CommerzBank has joined in a $20m funding round for UK-based SME lending platform iwoca. The $20m series B round,  which also included participation from Acton Capital Partners and Redline Capital, will support the fast-growing credit provider’s European growth. Visa investiert in Bezahldienst […]

Newsletter, 17 Juli – 22 Juli 2015

Cashcloud announces additional financing commitment Cashcloud AG announces that it has received binding commitment from investor to provide company with new equity capital in amount of 1 million euros ($1 million) The success story of 360T- Germany’s highest-valued FinTech Begonnen hat alles auf einer Bierkiste. Dort steht nach der Gründung im Jahr 2000 der […]

Newsletter, 11 Juli – 17 Juli 2015

Rocket Internet invests into Australian Robo-Advisor Stockspot Fintech start-up Stockspot raises an additional $1.25 million to manage more Australians’ money smarter online. Stockspot, Australia’s first ever online, automated investment adviser and fund manager, has raised an additional $1.25 million to help it reach more Australians and enhance its product. Mobile payments startup Muume among […]

Newsletter, 4 Juli – 10 Juli 2015

Rocket Internet’s GFC Backs Yet-To-Launch Real Estate Investment Platform BrickVest In a move that feels fairly unusual, Global Founders Capital (GFC), the venture capital arm of German startup factory and e-commerce behemoth Rocket Internet, has invested in a startup before it’s even launched. The company in question is BrickVest… First funding round for Payever […]

Newsletter, 27 Juni – 3 Juli 2015

Peter Thiel invests in Kreditech Der deutschstämmige Paypal-Gründer und Multimilliardär Peter Thiel investiert wieder in seinem Heimatland: Laut einem Bericht der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters beteiligt sich Thiel an der aktuell laufenden Serie-C-Finanzierungsrunde für das umstrittene Hamburger Scoring-Startup Kreditech mit einem zweistelligen Millionenbetrag. CEO Sebastian Diemer bestätigte das Investment auf Facebook mit den Worten: „Gut: Peter Thiel steigt bei Kreditech ein. Schlecht: Sollte […]

Newsletter, 20 Juni – 26 Juni 2015

UBS and easySYS announce partnership in the Corporate Financial Management UBS und easySYS haben eine Zusammenarbeit im Bereich Corporate Financial Management (CFM) vereinbart. Buchhaltungsdaten werden bald automatisch mit Saldo- und Transaktionsdaten abgeglichen. 5th FinTech Forum, Vienna: what do telcos, tech and travel sectors think about FinTech? The 5th FinTech Forum kicked off with some […]

Newsletter, 06 Juni – 12 Juni 2015

WealthArc Raises USD 300’000 The USD 300,000 seed funding from U.S.-based venture capital firm Novit LP will be used to continue research and development on artificial intelligence for portfolio management as well as cyber-security for cloud based financial services. WealthArc, Inc. is an early stage FinTech startup offering a cloud based platform for financial data […]

Newsletter, 30 Mai – 05 Juni 2015

SafeCharge Invests €10 Mln in German Fintech Group …As part of the agreement between the companies, SafeCharge will acquire 5% equity of FinTech for roughly €10 million…The deal involves the banking subsidiary of FinTech. BIW Bank is a full service bank boasting over €1.3 billion of customer deposits…The platform which BIW Bank provides will be […]

Newsletter, 23 Mai – 29 Mai 2015

Cashboard buys out crowd-investors Im November 2012 schaffte Refined Investment für seine Trading-Plattform den Europarekord im Crowdfunding: 100.000 Euro kamen in 53 Minuten zusammen…Um den Buy-out der Crowd zu stemmen, hat Cashboard Kapital von externen Investoren aufgenommen…die VCs Earlybird und Heilemann Ventures aus Berlin sowie Redalpine aus der Schweiz, Business Angel Heiko Hubertz – und nicht zuletzt der legendäre Silicon-Valley-Accelerator […]

Newsletter, 16 Mai – 22 Mai 2015

Bitbond Raises €600,000 to Grow its Global Bitcoin Lending Platform Global bitcoin lending platform Bitbond today announced an angel funding round of €600,000. Led by Bitbond’s earlier seed investor Point Nine Capital, a number of business angels contributed significantly to the round. (Congratulations and best of luck to Bitbond, which presented at the 2nd […]

Newsletter, 09 Mai – 15 Mai 2015

Check out the line-up of startups presenting at the 5th FinTech Forum, 22nd June, Vienna FinTech Forum goes on tour: check out the line-up of startups from D.A.CH, Central & Eastern Europe presenting at our 5th Event, this time in Vienna on 22nd June. Warsaw-based yBanking „cuts banks’ cost of sales, so they can pay […]

Newsletter, 1 Mai – 8 Mai 2015

Londoner Hedgefonds Arrowgrass investiert in Berliner Kreditmarktplatz Lendico Nach einer Schrumpfkur und mit angepasstem Geschäftsmodell stockt Rockets Lendico nun finanziell auf. 20 Millionen Euro sollen das Wachstum ankurbeln. Bitcoin-friendly Fidor Bank Expands to the United Kingdom Fidor Bank, the innovative German bank that is bringing Bitcoin and digital fintech to mainstream banking, is now […]

Newsletter, 25 April – 30 April 2015

Social trading gets more investment – Ayondo raises CHF 6 million There is an interesting piece of news from ayondo group, the provider of social investment solutions, which illustrates the increased allure of social trading companies for investors. The company announced today that it has received extra CHF 6 million (USD 6.27 million) in funding […]

Newsletter, 18 April – 24 April 2015

German Online Loans Platform Smava Raises $16M Here comes some more funding for a European financial tech company specialising in online loans. Germany’s Smava — a peer-to-peer lending platform where investors provide the funds to loan money to borrowers — has raised $16 million in funding led by Phenomen Ventures, along with existing investors Earlybird and Neuhaus Partners. Peter […]

Newsletter, 03 April – 17 April 2015

Number26 Grabs $10.6 Million To Bring Its Bank Of The Future To Everyone It feels like Number26 opened its doors yesterday, but the young startup just raised a $10.6 million Series A round (€10 million) from Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, with Daniel S. Aegerter and existing investors Earlybird and Redalpine also participating. Die (bisher) […]

Newsletter, 28 März – 02 April 2015

UBS makes blockchain move Swiss banking giant UBS is to open a technology lab in London to investigate how blockchain technology can be used in financial services. Mapping fintech investments in Europe (and the Middle East) Financial News this week published a special issue of its fintech magazine, Fintech News, assessing the opportunities and […]

Newsletter, 21 März – 27 März 2015

Kreos Capital injects €5m into Spotcap Kreos Capital has invested €5m in Berlin-based online credit platform Spotcap’s series-B funding round. The fresh capital will be used to finance the company’s lending activities in Spain and the Netherlands, and to expand its operations globally. FN Fintech Focus: Disruptors’ $4trn fortune How much do finance incumbents […]

Newsletter, 14 März – 20 März 2015

FinLeap launches Online Pawnbroker Valendo / Online-Pfandleihhaus Valendo geht an den Start Der Fintech-Inkubator Finleap startet heute sein neues Startup Valendo: ein Online-Pfandleihhaus. Es soll schnelle Sachwertdarlehen ermöglichen, vor allem für kleinere Unternehmen und Selbstständige, aber auch Privatleute. Damit ist Valendo neben Savedo und Billfront das dritte gelaunchte Finleap-Startup seit dem Start des Inkubators im Dezember 2014. […]

Newsletter, 07 März – 13 März 2015

Samwer slips up as banker / Samwer patzt als Banker Apparently it’s not so easy for Internet companies to attack the banks on their turf. Oliver Samwer, creative destroyer and CEO of Rocket Internet, has a setback now anyway. His lending platform Lendico withdraws from three countries. VC firms zero-in on FinTechs / Wagniskapital […]

Newsletter, 28 Februar – 06 März 2015

Lendstar wins funding from DVH Ventures / Lendstar gewinnt DvH Ventures als neuen Investor DvH Ventures, die Beteiligungsgesellschaft der DvH Medien (Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, Tagesspiegel Gruppe und Die ZEIT Verlagsgruppe), investiert zusammen mit bestehenden Investoren in das Münchner Start-up Lendstar. Gemeinsam stellen sie dem jungen Unternehmen aus dem Bereich digitaler Finanzdienstleistungen Mittel in siebenstelliger Höhe zur […]

Newsletter, 21 Februar – 27 Februar 2015

FinLab acquires crowdfunding platform Venturate / Finlab übernimmt Venturate FinLab AG is pleased to announce that it has acquired a majority stake of 60% of Munich-based crowdfunding platform Venturate AG. 4th FinTech Forum: line-up of presenting startups announced The startups presenting at the (sold out) 4th FinTech Forum event on 19th March in Frankfurt […]

Newsletter, 14 Februar – 20 Februar 2015

Silicon Valley Bets on European Money-Transfer Companies / 100 Millionen US-Dollar für FinTech-Startup Worldremit Silicon Valley is making big bets on European currency-transfer companies. London-based WorldRemit plans to announce on Wednesday it has raised $100 million in funding from investors including Silicon Valley-based Technology Crossover Ventures. Lendstar collaborates with comdirect bank / Lendstar kooperiert […]

Newsletter, 07 Februar – 13 Februar 2015

German Startups Group invests in FinTech startups/ German Startups Group beteiligt sich an fünf weiteren Startups Mit fünf neuen Investments will die German Startups Group ihre aktive Rolle in der Startup-Szene unterstreichen. Diesmal im Fokus: FinTech. Kreditech competitor Ferratum going for IPO / Kreditech-Konkurrent Ferratum geht an die Börse FinTech boomt in der Startup-Szene, […]

Newsletter, 31 Januar – 06 Februar 2015

FinLeap incubates Billfront to enable quicker access to app developer revenues The international FinTech company builder Finleap today announces the launch of BillFront Inc, a company that accelerates growth for app developers and publishers by providing faster and easier access to their revenues. Polytech Ventures teams up with Temenos to launch first Swiss fintech […]

Newsletter, 24 Januar – 30 Januar 2015 sammelt zweistelligen Millionenbetrag ein Highland Capital Partners Europe (HCPE) has invested more than €10m in credit comparison portal The capital injection will be used for further product development and marketing, as well as to finance a move to bigger offices in Q1 this year. Germany’s Traxpay, Kreditech, Fidor, Mambu and Guidants named […]

Newsletter, 17 Januar – 23 Januar 2015

Kreditech Gets $200M Credit Line To Fuel Its Big-Data Based Consumer Lending Business The consumer finance startup that focuses on lending money to “unbanked” consumers with little or no credit rating…is getting a $200 million credit line from Victory Park Capital, one of the largest in the history of online lending services. [ Congratulations […]

Newsletter, 10 Januar – 16 Januar 2015

Kreditech acquires Kontomierz from Poland Kontomierz from Warsaw, founded in 2009 and employing 16 people, was acquired by Hamburg’s most known FinTech startup Kreditech for an undisclosed amount. With Kreditech’s help Konotmierz to expand to Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Russia. SWIFT Innotribe opens its 2015 StartupChallenge for fintech startups Innotribe Startup Challenge introduces fintech […]

Newsletter, 06 Januar – 09 Januar 2015

cashcloud wins millions in latest funding round “We started very successfully with our eWallet,” said Cashcloud Holdings AG chairman Sven Donhuysen, noting that his company’s eWallet offering won the Banking IT Innovation award this year in a category that included Yapital and PayPal. [Congratulations and best of luck to CashCloud, who presented at our 2nd event […]

Newsletter, 13 Dezember – 19 Dezember 2014

7 Facts about the record ~$175 M fintech funding in Germany / D.A.CH in 2014 This was a landmark year for fintech, and for us here at FinTech Forum- see the highlights – thanks to all those who joined the FinTech Forum community through our events, newsletters, Q&As and studies. We will be back in […]

Newsletter, 06 Dezember – 12 Dezember 2014

Wirecard AG übernimmt GFG Group Limited, Neuseeland …Die 1990 gegründete GFG Group ist ein führender Anbieter von innovativen Payment Lösungen und Dienstleistungen.  Die Lösungen der GFG sind derzeit in mehr als 20 Ländern bei über 100  Geschäftskunden, insbesondere aus dem Banken- und Telekommunikationsbereich, im Einsatz. SIX Group mulls fintech incubator Swiss exchange operator SIX […]

Newsletter, 29 November – 05 Dezember 2014

HitFox Hatches FinLeap, A New Startup Factory Targeting Fintech …Dubbed FinLeap, the German-styled ‘startup factory’ will be targeting fintech and plans to hatch 4-6 startups per year with a focus on “new technologies and scalable business models” that provide cheaper, simpler and more transparent digital services to both businesses and consumers. Wirecard Partners With […]

Newsletter, 22 November – 28 November 2014

Lending and payments startups in Germany / D.A.CH lead record $175 mn in funding Meantime FinTech startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland raised over $175 mn in 2014 as per initial results of a study shared at the 3rd FinTech Forum event in Frankfurt last week. Lending and payments startups like Kreditech and Traxpay accounted for nearly 80% […]

Newsletter, 15 November – 21 November 2014

FinTech investments in 2014 in Germany / D.A.CH cross $175M, Deutsche Bank plans “FinTech-Killer”,   Wirecard acquires Asian parts of Visa processing arm etc. FinTech investments in 2014 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland cross $175m FinTech startups in the German-speaking region raised over €140 mn in funding in 2014, nearly thrice the estimated investments between 2011-2013. […]

Newsletter, 08 November – 14 November 2014

Maschmeyer und BTH investieren Millionen in Barzahlen “Mit seiner einzigartigen Lösung und dem hoch skalierbaren Business Model als solider Basis, glauben wir, dass Barzahlen weiterhin stark wächst“, sagt Joern-Carlos Kuntze, Geschäftsführer der BTH – Berlin Technologie Holding. Gemeinsam mit Altinvestor ALSTIN investiert BTH deswegen “mehrere Millionen” in das Start-up. “Das war die Belohnung, die […]

Newsletter, 1 November – 7 November 2014 und Co. investieren in Zinspilot und namhafte Business Angels wie Stefan Wiskemann, Christoph Linkwitz und Stefan Glänzer investieren in Zinspilot, ein Fintech-Start-up aus Hamburg. „Zinspilot ist der Single-Account-Service, auf den viele Anleger gewartet haben: Bessere Zinsen ohne ständige Bankwechsel….“ EN: and prominent business angels invested in Zinspilot, which offers better interest […]

Newsletter, 25 Oktober – 31 Oktober 2014

Fidor Bank AG und Payward/Kraken starten eine offene Initiative zur weltweit ersten Bankplattform mit Fokus auf virtuellen Währungen Zielsetzung der Initiative ist die Gründung einer eigenen Bank für virtuelle Währungen. Die Bank soll verschiedene Anbieter von virtuellen Währungsangeboten als eigenständiges Unternehmen aggregiere. Offene Initiative beabsichtigt die Integration mehrerer Partner. Interessierte Partner können sich unter […]

Newsletter, 18 – 24 Oktober 2014

NetGuardians raises CHF 5 million in second round of financing NetGuardians, a Swiss company offering anti-fraud banking solutions, is heading into its second round of financing of CHF 5 million…This round of financing is supported by three solid investors: SBT Venture Capital, Orbium and Polytech Ventures, who also participated in round one financing. SBT […]

Frankfurter FinTech-Startup vaamo erhält 2,5 Millionen Euro Venture Capital und wächst aus Beta-Phase heraus Das Frankfurter Startup vaamo öffnete kürzlich seinen Online-Service für Sparbegeisterte – unabhängig von der Größe des Geldbeutels… [vaamo presented at our 2nd event in May 2014. Meet vaamo as well as their investor Route 66 Ventures at our 3rd event (sold […]

Newsletter, 04 Oktober – 10 Oktober 2014

Insurance app Knip secures Series A funding The Zurich based Knip AG raised a Series A round led by the Dutch fintech fund Orange Growth Capital (OGC), with participation from Redalpine, a Swiss venture capitalist, and two business angels from Germany and Switzerland. (Meet OGC Founding Partner Reinier Musters at the 3rd FinTech Forum […]

Newsletter, 27 September – 03 Oktober 2014

SWIFT Innotribe announces the winners of the 2014 Startup Challenge Epiphyte and MatchMove won the title of “Top Startups” (including a $50,000 cash prize) and “Top Innovator” respectively. (Startups from the D.A.CH region that pitched in the finals included Lendstar– which presented at our 1st event in Nov. 2013- and Mambu. Moneymeets (also from […]

Newsletter, 20 – 26 September 2014

TraxPay closes $15 million Series B Round to transform B2B payments and financial transactions Traxpay, the leader in B2B Dynamic Payments, today announced that it has closed $15 Million in series B funding. This oversubscribed round was led by main incubator, corporate incubator of Commerzbank and Software AG. Early investors, Earlybird Venture Capital and former […]

Newsletter, 13 – 19 September 2014

BBVA OpenTalent announces winners at Next Bank Europe We had a great couple of days at Next Bank Europe in Barcelona, which included the finals of the BBVA Open Talent 2014 Europe. Lendstar and Cashboard from the FTFD community were among the ten “new banking” startups, with ClauseMatch and TransferGo declared winners. Samarth Shekhar, Co-Founder […]

Newsletter, 06 September – 12 September 2014

Meet us at NextBank Europe (18th-19th Sep.) and at Innotribe / Sibos (29th Sep. – 02nd Oct.) We are a judge of the BBVA Open Talent and will be on the panel discussion “Fintech startup ecosystems in Europe” on Day-2 of our partner event NextBankEurope this week (Barcelona, 18-19 Sep.)  We are a judge and […]

Newsletter, 30 August – 05 September 2014

Lendstar, Mambu, Cashboard and milliPay take to the global FinTech Stage German startups Lendstar (which presented at the 1st FinTech Forum D.A.CH event in Nov. 2013), Mambu (featured on our 7 Questions series) and Cashboard are among the FinTech trailblazers selected to present at the BBVA Open Talent / Next Bank Europe (18-19 Sep. in […]

Newsletter, 23 August – 29 August 2014

BBVA unveils European startup contest finalists Spanish bank BBVA has named the 20 finalists for the European leg of its startup competition, whittling down the chosen few from more than 400 entrants. Two of the ten ‘new banking’ finalists are from the D.A.CH. region: (The whole investment world with tailored, diversified and automated […]

Newsletter, 16 August – 22 August 2014

BBVA names Next Bank Europe startup finalists Spanish bank BBVA has named the 20 finalists for the European leg of its financial services startup challenge, BBVA Open Talent, which will feed into the Next Bank Europe conference in Barcelona next month. FinTech Forum DACH is a judge at the BBVA Open Talent and will […]

Newsletter, 09 August – 15 August 2014

Funding for FinTech Forum DACH alumni BitBond and moneymeets  moneymeets, which presented at our first event in Nov. 2013, and BitBond from our second event announced funding rounds this week. Moneymeets and BitBond were also among the 15 startups selected to present at the Innotribe Startup Challenge London showcase in May 2014. Congratulations and all […]

Newsletter, 02 August – 08 August 2014

Hacking Finance @  Next Bank Europe, Barcelona 17. Sep. 2014 Hacking Finance Tech @  ist ein Fintech-Hackathon, der Programmierer, Designer und Geschäftsleute am 17. September in Barcelona versammelt, um Software-Ideen im Bereich Retail Banking, Kapitalmarkt, Payments und Big Data zu entwickeln. Hacking Finance Biz @  ist ein Business Innovationsworkshop, der sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, […]

Newsletter, 26 Juli – 01 August 2014

FinTech Forum D-A-CH turns one! Presenting the FTFD Class of 2013. We turned a year old in July, and decided to celebrate with our community of startups- this week we showcase the FTFD Class of 2013: with plenty of opportunities for partners, investors, banks, new hires etc. Drop us a line if you would like […]

Newsletter, 19 Juli – 25 Juli 2014

London-based fintech accelerator: a place for milliPay Startupbootcamp has just announced the first cohort of 10 start-ups that will participate in the 2014 programme of its London-based fintech accelerator. The start-ups that have made the cut for the inaugural three-month mentoring program include teams from Europe, Africa and the US. From Switzerland, milliPay Systems will […]

Newsletter, 12 Juli – 18 Juli 2014

Next Bank Europe bringt Finanzinstitutionen und Fintech Innovatoren zusammen, um die Zukunft der Finanzindustrie neu zu denken Next Bank Europe  findet vom 18-19 September in Barcelona statt und bringt Innovatoren der Finanzindustrie zusammen, um die digitale Transformation der Branche zu thematisieren. Im Rahmen der Konferenz findet auch das europäische Finale des Startup Wettbewerbs BBVA Open […]

Newsletter, 5 Juli – 11 Juli 2014

7 Questions with Eugene Danilkis from Mambu Who are you? Mambu is a cloud banking platform provider. We enable innovative banking providers to rapidly create, launch and service loan and deposit products through our agile, flexible and affordable cloud banking platform. An alternative to legacy core banking software, our goal is to accelerate time to […]

Newsletter, 28 Juni – 4 Juli 2014

Two FinTech Startups among the eleven biggest Financing Rounds in Germany in 2014 so far   Auxmoney ($16 mio.) and Kreditech ($40 mio.) appeared in Gründerszene’s article covering 8-digit financing rounds in Germany in the first half of 2014, joining the likes of SoundCloud and Delivery Hero. Das waren die größten Finanzierungsrunden im ersten Halbjahr. […]

Newsletter, 21 Juni – 27 Juni 2014

FinTech Forum DACH Co-Founder Samarth Shekhar among Financial News / Wall Street Journal’s FinTech 40 “40 Leaders in FinTech”   Aimed to identify “the most important 40 people based in the broader European region who display influence or innovation in the emerging financial technology ecosystem”, the list includes “40 innovators shaping the future of finance” […]

Newsletter, 14 Juni – 20 Juni 2014

FastBill erhält Internet Startup Award 2014 für erfolgreiches Bootstrapping   FastBill stellt ein für die deutsche Startup-Szene hervorragendes Beispiel innovativer und erfolgsorientierter Gründer dar, die sich trotz des Hypes um die allgemeinen Finanzeirungsstrategien erfolgreich im Markt durchgesetzt haben.  

Newsletter, 7 Juni – 13 Juni 2014

BBVA OpenTalent: Wettbewerb für FinTech Startups- bis 25.06. bewerben!   FinTech Forum DACH in Partnerschaft mit NextBank Europe lädt FinTech Startups in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz zum BBVA Open Talent Wettbewerb ein. Anmeldung bis spätestens 25. Juni auf Bei Fragen melden Sie sich gerne unter: Bis zu zehn Bewerber haben die Chance […]

Newsletter, 31 Mai – 6 Juni 2014

Wikifolio sichert sich sechs Millionen Euro – und wird zur AG  Das Wiener FinTech-Startup Wikifolio bekommt sechs Millionen Euro, um international zu expandieren – und wird in eine Aktiengesellschaft umgewandelt.   Finanzchef24 raises €4M in funding   Finanzchef24 GmbH, a Munich, Germany-based provider of an independent small business insurance comparison portal and a […]

Newsletter, 24 Mai – 30 Mai 2014

Zobito und Target Partners finanzieren Cloud-Plattform für Smart Payments   Die TIS erhöht ihre Kapitalbasis um vier Millionen Euro. Mit Zobito (, einem auf Unternehmenssoftware spezialisierten Investor aus Schweden, findet sich ein neues Mitglied im Gesellschafterkreis. Weiterer Beteiligter an der Series B-Finanzierungsrunde ist die Münchner Venture Capital-Gesellschaft Target Partners (, die vor drei Jahren bereits […]

Newsletter, 17 Mai – 23 Mai 2014

2nd FinTech Forum “as it happened” in Tweets   For those who missed our 2nd event on 9th May 2014, here is a run through the startup pitches and the roundtable in tweets, e.g. “#Banks appointing Head of #Digital? Google Head of Digital is the CEO!”     Innotribe 2014: update and invitation to New […]

Newsletter, 10 Mai – 16 Mai 2014

Event Summary & Blogs: 2nd FinTech Forum DACH (Frankfurt, 9th May, 2014)   Who will dominate the financial services of the future: banks, non-banks, or FinTech startups?   Around twenty startups looking to transform how we pay, lend, borrow, manage wealth, trade etc. made their intentions clear with their pitches (7 minutes + 3 minutes […]

Newsletter, 3 Mai – 9 Mai 2014

Bericht vom zweiten FinTech Forum D-A-CH: von Ralf Keuper, Bankstil    Gestern fand in Frankfurt das Zweite FinTech Forum DACH statt. Eingeladen hatten Frank Schwab von  BankITX  und Samarth Shekhar von  TechFluence. Dem Ruf gefolgt waren 50 Teilnehmer, die Mehrzahl von ihnen Gründer von FinTech-Startups, aber auch Investoren, Berater sowie Vertreter der Presse und einige […]

Newsletter, 27 April – 2 Mai 2014

Our 1st Study of FinTech Startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: now online!   Our first study (published in February 2014) is a quick overview of the emerging FinTech Startup scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is now online. We are now working on a second edition of our study: if you would like to […]

Newsletter, 23 April – 26 April 2014

FinTech Events Round-up: May 2014   Inspite of several long weekends and holidays, FinTech revolutionaries, investors and banks can look forward to plenty of FinTech action in May. We will be attending the Innotribe Startup Challenge (we are a partner and judge), the Finextra Future Money as well as Finance 2.0 in Zürich and look […]

Newsletter, 5 April – 11 April 2014

7 Fragen an Mark van den Arend von WIR Finanzieren   1. Wer bist Du?   Christ, Optimierer, Ex-Handwerker, Ex-Wall-Street Banker und hoffentlich ein „Zeichen-der-Zeit-Erkenner“. Mein Name ist Mark van den Arend und ich bin Gründer und geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der WIR Finanzierer GmbH.     Germany-based FinTech startups Bitbond, Moneymeets and Mambu make it to […]

Newsletter, 29 März – 4 April 2014

7 Questions with Anna Voronina of quirion   quirion is Germany’s first web presence for asset management and fee-based advisory services. quirion offers professional asset management strategies that are based on latest scientific research in finance.     SevenVentures schließt Media-Deal mit Online-Banking-App Numbrs    Der ProSiebenSat.1-Investmentarm Seven Ventures beteiligt sich über einen Media-for-Equity-Deal an […]

Newsletter, 22 März – 28 März 2014

Traxpay Wins Innovation Award For B2B  Payments   Traxpay, a pioneer in business-to-business (B2B) dynamic payments, was selected as the best B2B payments innovation by The company provides a platform capable of executing secure payments and final settlement with rich data in real-time, anytime, anywhere.     Commerzbank gründet Inkubator für […]

Newsletter, 15 März – 21 März 2014

LaterPay sammelt 3 Millionen ein Frisches Kapital: Ein ungenannter Privatinvestor aus der Schweiz und einige Bestandsinvestoren investieren in einer zweiten Finanzierungsrunde 3 Millionen Euro in LaterPay. LaterPay ist ein MicroPayment-Anbieter, dessen Technologie sich an Anbieter von digitalen Inhalten richtet.     Kreditmarktplatz Lendico startet in Österreich Die Plattform für die Vermittlung von privaten […]

Newsletter, 8 März – 14 März 2014

Mobile Payment-Lösungen von Post und Vodafone   Vodafone startet bundesweit die Vermarktung seiner mobilen Geldbörse und seiner Bezahlkarte. Die Deutsche Post lässt ihre Kunden über eine App mobil bezahlen – vorerst aber nur im Raum Köln/Bonn.     Companisto Goes Pan-European   Berlin-based equity-based crowd investing company Companisto,  is taking things to a […]

Newsletter, 1 März – 7 März 2014

Jens-Uwe Sauer, Seedmatch: „Vor drei Jahren hat fast niemand an Crowdfunding geglaubt“   48 erfolgreich finanzierte Startups, 11,5 Millionen Euro vermitteltes Kapital, über 22.500 registrierte Nutzer und einen Marktanteil in Deutschland von 49 Prozent – so die Zahlen der Crowdfunding-Plattform Seedmatch bis dato. Als das Startup 2011 gegründet wurde, glaubte allerdings kaum jemand daran, dass […]

Newsletter, 22 Februar – 28 Februar 2014

RapidMiner, Knime leaders in Gartner MQ for Advanced Analytics Platforms Gartner, a leading technology research company, has published a new Magic Quadrants(tm) for Advanced Analytics Platforms, separating Advanced Analytics from its previous category for “Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms”.   Wirecard Expands Bluetooth Low Energy Payment Technology to Include Mobile Value-Added Services At […]

Newsletter, 17 Februar – 21 Februar – 2014

Funanga sammelt ProFIT-Geld ein   Fördergeld: Funanga erhält mit Rahmen des ProFIT-Programms der IBB einen hohen sechsstelligen Förderkredit. “Wir freuen uns, mit der IBB auch weiterhin einen starken Partner an unserer Seite zu haben, mit dessen Hilfe wir das Cash to Code Prinzip verwirklichen können.     PAYONE GmbH & Co. KG-Neue strategische […]

Newsletter, 08 Februar – 14 Februar 2014

Deutsche Börse buys minority stake in Bondcube –   Deutsche Börse’s push into emerging areas of the market shows little sign of slowing down, with Europe’s largest exchanges operator buying a minority stake in Bondcube, a UK start-up fixed-income trading platform. Zusammenschluss Klarna und SOFORT abgesegnet Die schwedische Finanzaufsichtsbehörde hat am 12. Februar […]

Newsletter, 1 Februar – 7 Februar 2014

DACH FinTech Startups: Bewerben Sie sich für die Innotribe Startup Challenge (Anmeldungsfrist: 23.02.14.) Die 2014 Innotribe Startup Challenge ist der beste Weg, um Ihre FinTech oder Financial Services Innovation potenziellen Investoren, Partnern und Kunden aus über 9.700 Finanzinstituten und Unternehmen vorzustellen. Regional-Halbfinalisten treffen auf  handverlesene Entscheidungsträger in London (1. Mai 2014), Singapur (15. Mai 2014) […]