Newsletter, 17 Oktober – 23 Oktober 2015

Aegon expands investment in Germany’s leading consumer loan platform (auxmoney)

Germany’s leading online peer-to-peer loan marketplace, auxmoney, has entered a partnership with Aegon Bank….In addition to the equity stake Transamerica Ventures owns in the company, Aegon Bank has committed to provide €150 million funding for loans on the auxmoney platform.

(Congratulations to Auxmoney, which contributed to the section “P2P / Crowd-Lenidng” in our 2nd Study of FinTech)

P2P lending platform Funding Circle moves into mainland Europe with Zencap acquisition

Funding Circle, the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that matches businesses with investors, has expanded beyond the U.S. and U.K. into mainland Europe with the acquisition of Zencap, a move that will bring the Funding Circle brand to three more countries.

6th FinTech Forum announces line-up of Startups taking on Insurance, Investments and Blockchain

Focusing on three emerging (and overlapping) themes, the 6th FinTech Forum event on 19th Nov. has announced the initial list of presenting startups in three areas ripe for disruption. Startups selected to present so far include a “connected insurance analytics platform”, a “Cryptographic Certificate of Authenticity” and a “Petabyte scale predictive analytics” for investors.

Noch mehr Geld für Versicherungsmanager GetSafe

Eine prominente VC-Truppe steckt einen höheren Millionenbetrag in das Heidelberger Versicherungs-Startup GetSafe. Auch Altinvestor Rocket Internet beteiligt sich.

Gastauer Family Office invests into Swiss FinTech WB21

The Gastauer Family Office invests 2 Mn Euro in the Swiss FinTech-Start-up WB21. It offers new account opening and payments in 18 currencies. “The Payment system of WB21 will completely transform payments globally”

Diebold in talks with Wincor Nixdorf over $2 billion takeover

In its latest set of interims, Wincor Nixdorf reported a a continued decline in net sales for the first nine months of the year and a significant fall in operating profits. Operating profit (EBITA) after restructuring expenses amounted to €40 million (€92 million), down 57% on the figure posted for the same period a year ago.

Deutsche Bank taps COO Ritchotte to lead new digital bank

Deutsche Bank chief operating officer Henry Ritchotte is leaving his position to set up a new digital bank for the German giant.

Number26 lässt Kunden jetzt im Supermarkt Geld abheben

Mit dem neuen Service können Number26-Nutzer künftig bei 3.000 Händlern Geld einzahlen oder abheben. Dafür kooperiert die Banking-App mit dem Startup Barzahlen.

Payleven and Amex to offer bundled mPOS and card package

German mPOS vendor payleven has reached a European distribution deal with American Express to offer a free Chip and PIN card reader and credit card package for small businesses.

SumUp wagt den Schritt in die USA

Erst im Sommer gab es Millionen für SumUp: Der Schweizer Venture Incubator, die spanische Großbank BBVA, der Rabattkonzern Groupon und der Kreditkartenriese American Express investierten. Schon damals kündigte das Berliner Startup an, expandieren zu wollen – wohin, wurde allerdings noch nicht verraten.

Arriba España! Cashcloud Enters Into Cooperation With the University of Barcelona

The eWallet provider cashcloud is expanding its presence in Spain and is currently showcasing its mobile payment solution at the University of Barcelona. For two weeks, the various functions and possible uses of the cashcloud app will be presented as part of an extensive campaign and students will be able to request a starter kit – consisting of an NFC sticker and an initial credit of 5 euros.

Unbundling, Fidor, and the model for approaching financial startups

The trend of unbundling financial services by FinTech startups.  There´s a possible solution that could enable banks to remain relevant even as they begin to see some of their legacy products or services fall to new entrants: be more like Fidor Bank.

Fidor Bank ist eine “Ausnahmeerscheinung in der globalen Finanzwelt”: Vier Nominierungen und zwei Siege für die internationale Innovationsführerschaft in Las Vegas

Erster Platz für Fidor in den Kategorien “Product & Service Innovation” und “Disruptive Innovation in Banking” – Weitere Nominierungen als “Most Innovative Bank of the Year” und für “Innovation in Payments”

Mambu fills service gap to cater to the unbanked

Fin-tech startups built to disrupt tend to focus on the areas where they can clearly differentiate themselves. To adddress the other ones, they turn to Mambu.

Prophis Tech: Data hides value, Dependency graphs tell stories, NO More Blind Spots!

The art of investing is based on data analytics and `human judgment`. More than half of what we include within the latter human part, can actually be derived from better data analytics.

Fusionswelle unter Volksbanken und Sparkassen (von Ralf Keuper)

Seit einiger Zeit ist unter den Volksbanken und Sparkassen eine Fusionswelle unterwegs. Die Geschwindigkeit, so mein Eindruck, nimmt mit jeder Woche zu.

Top 25 Hottest Fintech Start-Ups

To identify the most promising financial services companies across the globe Informilo asked some of the most active investors in the sector to nominate and evaluate companies outside their own portfolios. Nominations are vetted by the group and only those companies that get votes from non-investors make it on to the list.

Pivoting kann Startups zum Erfolg führen

Für Tech-Startups mittlerweile normal: Pivoting kann Unternehmen oft in neue Sphären katapultieren. Hierbei sollte allerdings einiges beachtet werden.

Mis-selling fears hamper funds’ fintech revolution

British fund firms are falling behind in the so-called ‘fintech’ revolution, fearing that a boom in investment via phone apps could spawn the next financial mis-selling scandal.