Newsletter, 22 Oktober – 28 Oktober 2016

Countdown to 8th FinTech Forum – the third anniversary edition!

With just 10 days to go, it is time to check out the (almost final) line-up of startups selected to present at the 8th FinTech Forum. Given that this our “3rd anniversary edition”, we also did some quick stock taking: Of the ~200 startups that have been on stage across 7 FinTech Forum events and 4 FinTech Forum On Tour events till date, more than 30 have won investors (based on disclosed / public information only).

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Aevi Completes €30m Capital Increase

Aevi, a Paderborn, Germany-based provider of global payment transactions and a marketplace for B2B apps and services, completed a €30m capital increase. Backers included global private equity investor Adveq, which secured a €10m investment, and Dutch investor HPE Growth Capital, which provided the initial tranche of €20m in May 2016.

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PostFinance invests in Luzern-based Fintech Tilbago

Am 24. Oktober 2016 lanciert das Tilbago seine gleichnamige Software für die Abwicklung von Betreibungsbegehren. PostFinance hat eine Minderheitsbeteiligung an der Tilbago AG erworben und verknüpft die Lösung mit ihrem Debitorenmanagement-Tool PostFinance Smart Business.

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Quantoz listed as one of 50 emerging fintech stars in KPMG and H2 Ventures  FinTech 100 report

The financial services industry is facing a wave of digital disruption that is starting to reshape the sector. The Fintech 100 celebrates the top companies this bold new space: the 50 leading established players creating change within financial services, and 50 of the emerging fintech stars of tomorrow.

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Congratulations to Quantoz, which presented at the 5th FinTech Forum (Vienna / Jun. 2015) and the 6th FinTech Forum (Frankfurt, Nov. 2015).  Among other startups from Germany / D.A.CH are Kreditech, Spotcap, Knip, PAIR Finance and solarisBank.

F10 selects ten Startups for the accelerator program

Ten startups have been selected for the F10 Prototype to Product program. The companies come from all over the world but there are also some Swiss startups that have been chosen including Futurae, Lendity, Sonect, Vesgoo and Wealth Initiative.

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China emerges as fintech powerhouse as UK dominance weakens

The UK’s position at the centre of the fintech world is under threat as its top companies become overshadowed by Chinese giants, a new report from KPMG and H2 Ventures suggests. UK firms occupy 13 places in the annual Fintech 100 report, behind only the US but down on the 18 they held in 2015.

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SumUp Launches Air Register

One year after bringing its e-commerce technology to the U.S.SumUp is launching Air Register, giving mPOS software providers an all-in-one hardware solution to offer customers. Air Register enables merchants to accept chip and magnetic stripe cards as well as contactless payments from Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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Payment Startup Sumup turns profitable

Das Berliner Fintech SumUp soll seit Juli profitabel wirtschaften. Mitgründer Marc-Alexander Christ erklärt, wie das möglich wurde. Einige Fragen bleiben aber offen.

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The Drama after the Hype – Cookies goes insolvent

Schnelles Aus nach einem großen Hype? Die Payment-App Cookies hat Insolvenz angemeldet. Es gab Streit im Management, eine Finanzierung platzte.

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Zinspilot mediates 1 Bn Euro in Deposits

Sparer haben über Zinspilot in nur 13 Monaten eine Milliarde Euro in Tages- und Festgeldanlagen investiert. Weltweit konnte noch kein anderes Fintech im Geldanlagebereich diesen Meilenstein in so kurzer Zeit erreichen. Mit seinem Anlegerservice Zinspilot verhilft das Hamburger Fintech-Unternehmen Deposit Solutions Anlegern zu deutlich höheren Zinserträgen auf ihre Tages- und Festgeldeinlagen.

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Paydirekt – how is it going for the Paypal-competitor of German banks?

Die Pläne waren groß: Mit einem Bezahldienst wollten die deutschen Banken und Sparkassen dem amerikanischen Paypal die Stirn bieten. Doch schon zum Start von Paydirekt gab es Probleme, weil die reichweitenstarken Sparkassen nicht vollständig mit dabei waren.

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Crowd-funding finds fanbase in Germany property market

For Hermann Tecklenburg, head of a family-run construction firm in western Germany, the country’s property boom was double-edged: while orders kept growing, he ran out of cash to back loans for new projects, prompting him to look for alternatives.

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Post Brexit: Bondora Plans European Office in Germany Instead of London

Estonian p2p lending marketplace Bondora will open a new European office in Germany, saying that post brexit London is no longer attractive as a Fintech hub. Bondora formerly planned to move to London but stopped the plan after the brexit vote. ‘There is too much uncertainty, the UK lost its attractiveness as a fintech hub’ explains Bondora CEO Pärtel Tomberg the decision.

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Pay-App Circle: „Wir sind nur 120 Leute mit Macbooks

Eine App zum Geldüberweisen? Das sei nur der Anfang, sagt Circle-Gründer Jeremy Allaire. Und erklärt, was er auf Basis der Blockchain-Technologie erreichen will. Eine App zum Geldüberweisen? Das sei nur der Anfang, sagt Circle-Gründer Jeremy Allaire. Und erklärt, was er auf Basis der Blockchain-Technologie erreichen will.

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Wirecard and Premier Tax Free Agree Global Collaboration in the Field of Value Added Services

…Wirecard, one of the leading suppliers of electronic payment and risk management solutions, and Premier Tax Free, a company in the Fintrax Group and a leading supplier in the field of tax free services, have joined forces to offer merchants even more alternatives and greater flexibility.

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Fit & Proper Training für FinTech Start-ups (DVFA Finanzakademie)

Ziel der Fit & Proper Regulierung ist es aus Sicht der Marktaufsicht zu verhindern, dass nicht geeignete Personen Leitungsfunktionen bei Finanzdienstleistern einneh- men. Es geht dabei um Risiken, die sich aus Unkenntnis der Finanzmärkte ergeben.

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Robo-advisors not ready to replace humans – Credit Suisse exec

A wave of new digital tools will complement, not replace, financial advisors, according to senior Credit Suisse exec Marco Abele, who says it’s not yet time to worry about the rise of the robo-advisors.

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6 Gründe, warum die Blockchain das Frankenstein-Finanzwesen ablöst

Die Blockchain-Technologie könnte die Welt verändern, sagen die Autoren Don und Alex Tapscott. In ihrem Buch erklären sie, wie das gehen soll.

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Swiss Fintech Innovations and Swiss Finance Startups to work closer together

Several organisations are active in the Fintech field. Two of them are now announcing a closer collaboration. As a first step they will join their working group on application programming interfaces (API) standards. More projects will follow.

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