Newsletter 16 Oct 2019

“When finance becomes an add-on” – announcing the panel at 11th FinTech Forum

As FinTechs make it easy to embed financial services into the customer workflow of other sectors, are incumbents prepared for an era of „backstage banking” (or insurance)? That is the topic for the panel discussion at the 11th FinTech Forum on 21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt. Check out the agenda, presenting startups, investors and industry leaders participating at our flagship event, and register here:


Vega Raises $5M in Seed Funding

Vega, a Gibraltar-based decentralized trading technology startup, raised more than $5M in seed funding. The round was led by Pantera Capital, with participation from Xpring (Ripple), Hashed, NGC Ventures, gumi Cryptos Capital, Rockaway Blockchain, KR1, Eden Block, Focus Labs, Greenfield One, Monday Capital and RSK Ecosystem Fund.


Munich Re invests another $250 million in insurance start-up in the US

The Munich Re is investing $ 250 million in Next Insurance, an American insurance start-up . The world’s largest reinsurer sets up a financing round at California’s Next Insurance alone and increases its stake to 27.5 percent, both companies said on Monday.


Finnish fintech Enterpay enters partnership with Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken

The Finnish fintech company Enterpay will cooperate with Volksbanken

Raiffeisenbanken to support the expansion of the bank’s e-commerce offerings to B2B merchant customers in Germany.


7 Questions with Christian Knott, Capnamic Ventures

Please tell us a bit about yourself, both at work and leisure.

Well, I am the typical business student, did my bachelor in Cologne, Master in Leipzig. Worked briefly for the European Commission but that was not my hometurf. Started working in Venture Capital in 2010 and am with Capnamic for 5.5 years now. Since 2018, I am partner.

Christian is among the leading early-stage investors covering European FinTech innovation areas and investment trends at the 11th FinTech Forum, 21st Nov. 2019 in Frankfurt:


New Fintech incubator: Fincite launches seven ventures

In Fintech-Deutschland hat sich öffentlich unbemerkt ein neuer Company Builder gebildet – nämlich die in Frankfurt ansässige „Fincite Ventures“. Wie der kürzlich gelaunchten  Website zu entnehmen ist, hat der Inkubator schon sieben (!) Fintechs an den Start geschickt, von denen sich die meisten allerdings in einem noch frühen Stadium befinden.


Wirecard: New service with billion-dollar potential

Wirecard startet gemeinsam mit Rakuten Viber und dessen Partner NeoPay einen neuen Geldüberweisungsservice für Nutzer der Viber Instant Messaging App. Mit „Moneytou – powered by Mastercard“ können Nutzer schnell und sicher Geld über die Messaging App senden. Wirecard wickelt dabei alle Peer-to-Peer-Transaktionen über digitale Payment-Karten ab.


VR Payment launches secure online invoice purchase for B2B companies

VR Payment, der Zahlungsspezialist der genossenschaftlichen Bankengruppe, startet gesicherten Online-Rechnungskauf für B2B-Unternehmen. Die Unternehmen profitieren so von der unverzüglichen Auszahlung der offenen Rechungsbeträge im Onlinehandel und haben hundertprozentigen Ausfallschutz. Dabei lässt sich der Zahlungsprozess in vorhandene Shoplösungen integieren – Bonitätsprüfung, Käuferauthentifizierung sowie Rechnungsstellung und Mahnwesen inklusive.


The 3+1 essential competences of FinTech startups   

In August 2013, Samarth Shekhar had the idea for the FinTech Forum, which we then implemented together within a few days. Since then, we have identified and analyzed more than 800 FinTechs from German-speaking countries. As part of 17 “FinTech Forum” and “FinTech Forum on Tour” events, we got to know 270 startups and founders and over 100 investors in person. More than 200 FinTech startups have already disappeared from the scene.


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The Hard Fork Summit, 16-17 Oct. Amsterdan

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