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FTF on Tour | FinTech meets Travel – in Tweets

A $8tn sector – and the opportunity for FinTech. This was the theme of our inaugural event that brought together 16 promising startups at the intersection of Travel and FinTech with leading corporates and investors in this space. Couldn’t make it? Below is the event in tweets! Among the selected startups were firms employing blockchain technology to help “rescue” the nearly $50bn worth of […]

FinTech Forum On Tour | Robo Advice in Tweets

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE The mass retail customization challenge in pensions – Fahd Rachidy of Abaka, looking for Pension Provider partner           FinTech Meetup FFM ‏@FinTechFFM @FundamentalCap is the first #roboadvisor for active portfolio management and searches #vc money #FTFRobo           FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE „First active investment platform- […]

FTF 7 in Tweets

investify_lu Retweeted Frank Schwab We are happy to participate at the #FTF7. Coming to Germany again.investify_lu added, Frank Schwab @FrankJSchwab 9 days to go. Line up: @GetHufsy @scaledrisk @investify_lu @kapilendo_AG  … #FTF7 @FinTechForum_DE / 21Apr16 … Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff  Apr 21 .@investify_lu presents their feel right investment solution at #Fintech Forum #FTF7 #RoboAdvisory #Frankfurt […]

6th FinTech Forum in Tweets

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE Kicking off the 6th #FinTech Forum with a view of Finance in 2035 @FrankJSchwab           Nadja Schlössel ‏@Ypsilon_Zett The #FinTech Zeitgeist presented by @techfluence_eu smarth @FinTechForum_DE there is lots of money in the Zeitgeist         Spiros Margaris ‏@SpirosMargaris I am at a great event @FinTechForum_DE ! @FrankJSchwab @techfluence_eu @Ypsilon_Zett       […]

FinTech Forum on Tour in Tweets (London, September 2015)

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE Innovationen im Finanzsektor: London lockt Fintech-Firmengründer – NZZ #FTFInvestTech #FinTech Forum On Tour … Efi Pylarinou ‏@efipm  @FinTechForum_DE FTF on Tour – InvestTech: Insurgents, Incumbents, Investors & FCA innovation hub  by @efipm Scalable Capital ‏@ScalableCapital .@Mellinghoff presents his findings on #Investtech More investtech firms in the EU than in US #FTFInvestTech #Fintech     […]

(Traditional) Online versus Digital Banking

Is „digital“ just another word for „online“? Or is there a difference we need to understand? Over the last 2 weeks more than 150 people provided feedback regarding my generic high level thoughts about (traditional) online banking versus digital banking. This post reflects the feedback I got and an updated thinking. While there are more […]

E-Payment made in Germany – Paymill is the backend of Europe’s eCommerce

Since 2012 the startup Paymill from Munich is offering an online payment solution “made in Germany”, which is staying in the background unlike their customers. Paymill is serving customers like Doodle, Freeletics or Flixbus, with the technical infrastructure for processing payments on their website and mobile application. Paymill is available in 34 countries accross Europe […]

4th FinTech Forum Event on the Twittersphere

FinTech Forum ed Jonathan Prince @princejonjon · Mar 19 On my way to @FinTechForum_DE event in Frankfurt. Excited to meet the DACH Fintech community. FinTech Forum @FinTechForum_DE · Mar 19 Kicking off the 4th #FinTech Forum @FrankJSchwab. Thanks to all for making it inspite of the chaos here in Frankfurt! Marina Vukovic @vukovima · Mar 19 Today @FinTechForum_DE! @giromatch and @in2experience presenting their startups! Hoping for […]