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FTF on Tour | FinTech meets Travel – in Tweets

A $8tn sector – and the opportunity for FinTech. This was the theme of our inaugural event that brought together 16 promising startups at the intersection of Travel and FinTech with leading corporates and investors in this space. Couldn’t make it? Below is the event in tweets!

Among the selected startups were firms employing blockchain technology to help “rescue” the nearly $50bn worth of loyalty points and miles that expire yearly; creating  revolutionary mobile- and web-based solutions to “kill the monthly expense report”; and marrying IoT / RFID tech and analytics to deliver the right offer, right time to the right customer at the right place (e.g. a store, an airport lounge etc.)

AirPlus ‏@AirPlus

Connect to new markets within hours @optileGmbH. Final pitch of second round #FTFTravel1-jpg-large

AirPlus ‏‏@AirPlus

End-to-end travel assistant as a service with MissionControl #FTFTravel

2FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

#MyTimeToFlight helps frequent travelers make the most of their time to and at the airport #FTFTravel @AirPlus


FinTech Forum@FinTechForum_DE

Now on stage: business travel assistant as a service #MissionControl from @Lufthansa_DE Innovation Hub #ftftravel


FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Targeting the “Frequent diners” #FinTech opportunity (both B2C and B2C) is our next #startup Dine+Go @AirPlus #FTFTravel

AirPlus ‏‏@AirPlus

Fly first- pay later. @BillpayGermany on the stage at FinTech Forum at AirPlus #FTFTravel

4AirPlus ‏@AirPlus

Patrick W. Diemer opens the FinTech Forum on Tour at AirPlus #FTFTravel…

5AcceleratorFrankfurt ‏@accelerator_ffm

Largest EU player in corporate credit cards @Airplus owned by @lufthansa  #ftftravel


Paul Morgenthaler ‏@morningdollar

Looking forward to FinTech Meets Travel today @AirPlus #FTFTravel

bizpay ‏@BizPayPayments 

#FTFTravel looking forward to seeing the rest of the pitches. Really great to be invited to showcase @BizPayPayments.

Michael Mellinghoff ‏‏@Mellinghoff 

Great panel at #FTFTravel at #AirPlus HQ #Fintech #Travel @morningdollar @FinTechForum_DE @AirPlus

Paul Morgenthaler ‏@morningdollar

7% of all vacation trips in Germany are financed with bank loans according to @BillpayGermany #ftftravel

PoshBerry ‏@flyPoshBerry

PoshBerry Retweeted AirPlus

Thanks for hosting this event. It’s been a pleasure to participate! #FTFTravel  PoshBerry added,

AirPlus ‏@AirPlus

Loyalty points ecosystem is our future-@flyPoshBerry #FTFTravel


AcceleratorFrankfurt ‏@accelerator_ffm

Receive your payments with multiple options. @OptioPay pitching during #FTFTravel


AirPlus ‏‏@AirPlus

Blockchain in Travel @martchouk #FTFTravel

7AirPlus ‏@AirPlus

Managing time-adding value. With MyTimeToFlight from AirPlus #FTFTravel


FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Serial startupper @DominikGroenen2 showcases #massup to #FTFTravel #FinTech #InsurTech. 15 countries & growing!


RatePAY GmbH ‏@RatePAY

Gespannt verfolgen wir die Vorträge der #FTFTravel in #Frankfurt


FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Interesting questions for #FlyMoney from Tel Aviv, bringing lower, transparent forex rates to travelers  #FTFTravel


 AirPlus ‏@AirPlus

FlyMoney opens the second round of pitches @TalEkroni #FTFTravel

3Alexander Thamm GmbH ‏@AT_Analytics

Nadiem presenting via video 3 #DataScience Use Cases in FinTech and Travel @FinTechForum_DE #FTFTravel Alexander Thamm GmbH added,

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

@AT_Analytics we missed the photo in our tweet!

17FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Fly frequently & tired of creating accounts for each airport (wifi, restaurants, shops etc.)? @getflio! #FTFTravel


 Xpenditure ‏@Xpenditure

Interesting pitch by @BizPayPayments at #FTFTravel. Looking forward to present Xpenditure at 15h45.

Alexander Thamm GmbH ‏@AT_Analytics

Thank you for this great opportunity! Wish we could be there today!  #FTFTravel @FinTechForum_DE Alexander Thamm GmbH added,

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Kicking off the #startup pitches at #FTFTravel with 3 data science use cases in fintecg and travel @AT_Analytics “on stage” via video!

Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff  

#ValootTechnologies from #HongKong in a great #live pitch at #FTFTravel @AirPlus @FinTechForum_DE #Fintech #Forex


Cardlay ‏@cardlay  

Clients demand travel to happen instantly with very low latency “Money on the move” #FTFTravel @FinTechForum_DE

Jørgen Chr. Juul and Cardlay


FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Plantoids- art forms that reproduce themselves via #blockchain. #FTFTravel looks to the impact on Travel & Finance

15FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

After a coffee break, it’s time for a primer on #blockchain in #finance and #travel with @martchouk & @Mellinghoff