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2nd FinTech Forum „as it happened“ in Tweets

For those who missed our 2nd event on 9th May 2014, here is a run through the startup pitches and the roundtable in tweets, e.g. “#Banks appointing Head of #Digital? Google Head of Digital is the CEO!


FinTech Forum DACH ‏@FinTechForum_DE  May 9

#fintechforum takes off at Airport Club, Frankfurt

First up is Artur Grabowski of eLeader offering a white-labeled “SuperWallet” ecosystem for banks and merchants

Next at is Ricco Deutscher of @pactashq with a solution for maximizing subscription management value

Anna Voronina from @QuirinbankAG presenting the Quirion concept: smart, affordable investments & advisory

Daniel Bödger from @BankingCheck on stage about how to choose the right banking provider

Billpay Founder Nelson Holzer summarizes the @Wonga / @BillpayGermany proposition for online stores

#FinTechForum gets its first #BitCoin pitch: Radoslav of @Bitbonds presenting the P2P lending concept.

Olaf Taupitz from @cashcloudcom on delivering “happiness” with payments: e.g. pay by Facebook

Next up is @Debitos_net, Germany’s first “eBay for factoring”: quick working capital for SMEs

Klaus Schwägerl from Die Projektfabrik on a secure cloud-based European Payments & B2B hub for corporates.

@TeamVaamo kicks off their pitch- a simple, transparent, research-based PFM solution

Kicking off the roundtable “Financial Services 2020” with #FinTech#Startups, VCs, Banks, Swift etc.

@ADMOU from @swiftcommunity (and our partner @Innotribe) at #FinTechForum roundtable: focus on the service & solving the problem & partner!

Mikhail Khasin from @sberbank_ru: banks acting like “IT companies with a bank license” won’t work!

@chritw at #FinTechForum: #FinTech#Startups far from hype! Especially in Europe- need more banks opening the doors for startups, VCs etc.

@reiniermusters@OrangeGrowthCap at #FinTechForum roundtable: #Banks appointing Head of #Digital? Google Head of Digital is the CEO!

@ficoba FidorTecS goes on stage at #FinTechForum 2nd round of pitches: “pirates and speedboats” of FS vs. the slow mega-ships that are banks

next up is Achim Illner of iPfand, “the German borro” making it easier to get credit against valuables.

@OpenBankProject@iChaib goes next with APIs for (all) banks. Not sci-fi: some banks get it already!

@3isquared Janko Linhart asks: do banks want to wait for IT infrastructure failure to happen, and pay for it?

@Trendlink_DE at #FinTechForum presents its semantic finance platform that helps track investment trends of the future, now!

@Vexcash / Kreditup with its pay-day lending offering for retail as well as SMBs

Last but not the least at #FinTechForum today is WIR Finanzierer offering SMEs access to debt capital market finance.