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FinTech Forum on Tour in Tweets (London, September 2015)

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

Innovationen im Finanzsektor: London lockt Fintech-Firmengründer – NZZ #FTFInvestTech #FinTech Forum On Tour …

Efi Pylarinou ‏@efipm 

@FinTechForum_DE FTF on Tour – InvestTech: Insurgents, Incumbents, Investors & FCA innovation hub  by @efipm

Scalable Capital ‏@ScalableCapital

.@Mellinghoff presents his findings on #Investtech More investtech firms in the EU than in US #FTFInvestTech #Fintech







Roberto Ferrari ‏@ferrarirobtweet

A key snapshot chart fm @techfluence_eu on what’s happening in #wealthmgmt between big guys & #fintech #startup






FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE 

#FTFInvestTech On Tour back in sunny #FRA after an awesome day in London! Thanks startups, panelists: you rocked!







Leticia Romero ‏@lm_romero

Customer is king at #FTFInvestTech…startups tackling complexity at the consumer’s benefit!

Efi Pylarinou ‏@efipm

@FinTechForum_DE today brought Insurgents, Incumbents, Investors and Regulators together.

MathiasWegmueller ‏@MatuWegmueller

Paneldiscussion to end the official part #FTFInvestTech. Thanks to @Mellinghoff @techfluence_eu and @FinTechForum_DE







Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff

Roundtable at #FinTech Forum | InvestTech moderator @annairrera from @eFinancialNews @FinTechForum_DE #FTFInvestTech







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Data matters @jonaskrauss from Stock Pulse #FTFInvestTech @FinTechForum_DE







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Great presentation about how to deal with data from @andersbally from @sentifi at #FTFInvestTech @FinTechForum_DE







FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

#FinTech? It is (high) time for InvestTech! The startups today at #FTFInvestTech London are proving it! …

Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff

The masterplan for todays #FinTech Forum on tour | #InvestTech in London with @Blendology @FinTechForum_DE







Shaul David ‏@ShaulDavidUK

@In2Experience best new #FinTech term of today – Couchvestors #ftfinvesttech

Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff

@In2Experience from Frankfurt pitches their portfolio tools at #FinTech Forum | #InvestTech @FinTechForum_DE #bank







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Now @FuhrmannD introduces @ProphisTech at #FTFInvestTech @FinTechForum_DE







Shaul David ‏@ShaulDavidUK

@Mellinghoff @FinTechForum_DE found many more invest tech companies in EU than US. Germany follows UK closely number-wise

Scalable Capital DE ‏@ScalableCap_DE

Jetzt geht es los! Erik und Adam präsentieren @ScalableCap_DE beim #FTFInvestTech Forum in London! @FinTechForum_DE







Scalable Capital DE ‏@ScalableCap_DE

Adam and Erik proudly present @ScalableCapital at the #FTFInvestTech in London #Fintech @FinTechForum_DE







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Michael @Mellinghoff shares some insight on 1st #FTFInvestTech study /@FinTechForum_DE







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Robert introduces us into investment behavior of retail customers @Cashboard_de #FTFInvestTech @FinTechForum_DE







FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

@ShaulDavidUK Yes it should! Best to add hashtag #FTFInvestTech

Rob Moffat @robmoff

Looking forward to panel on investment tech companies later at #FTFInvestTech with @GrahamKellen @mtreskow @annairrera @FinTechForum_DE

Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Herve Bonazzi presents Scaled Risk – that solves data legacy for large banks #FTFInvestTech @FinTechForum_DE






Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff

@scaledrisk from Paris speaking at #FinTech Forum On Tour | InvestTech in #London @FinTechForum_DE #FTFInvestTech







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

People do not want to be rich,they do not want to be poor,Marko Modsching from niiio #FTFInvestTech @FinTechForum_de

Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff

@AdviseOnly from Italy opening #startup pitches at #FTFInvestTech today in London @Sere691 @FinTechForum_DE #Fintech







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Cool in London: FCA provides #FinTechs to navigate and to understand #FCA /@FinTechForum_DE

AdviseOnly ‏@AdviseOnly

Oggi @Sere691 e @RockZen presentano @AdviseOnly all’InvestTech del @FinTechForum_DE di #Londra:  #fintech #Italia

Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Keynote by Anna Wallace from FCA @FinTechForum_DE







Frank Schwab ‏@FrankJSchwab

Full house @ FTF on tour in London @FinTechForum_DE






Hartmut Giesen

.@FinTechForum_DE On Tour – InvestTech is beginning …

Scalable Capital DE ‏@ScalableCap_DE

Excited to attend tomorrow’s FinTech Forum On Tour in London! @FinTechForum_DE #FTFInvestTech #FinTech-News







Huy Nguyen Trieu 

Good luck tom! RT @EEstour: Meet us w/ @HerveBonazzi ! Europe’s most promising #InvestTech #startups @FinTechForum_DE

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

@ScalableCapital Looking forward! The countdown has begun #FTFInvestTech

FinTech Forum ‏@FinTechForum_DE

@xignite @Mellinghoff @techfluence_eu After the Rugby World Cup, it’s over to the startups tomorrow 🙂 #FTFInvestTech

Roberto Ferrari ‏@ferrarirobtweet

Roberto Ferrari Retweeted Martina Pennisi

Cresce il #FinTech italiano oltre i confini. In bocca al lupo a @AdviseOnly @Sere691 x domani a @FinTechForum_DE

Roberto Ferrari added,

Martina Pennisi @martinapennisi

I 2 mesi incredibili del #Fintech italiano tra exit e conferme internazionali @ferrarirobtweet

AdviseOnly ‏@AdviseOnly

@Mellinghoff @QumramAG @xignite @FinTechForum_DE we are ready! #fintech

Michael Mellinghoff ‏@Mellinghoff

Looking very much forward to tomorrow’s #FinTech Forum On Tour | InvestTech ! #FTFInvestTech #yukkalab #quantstore @FinTechForum_DE

FinTech London ‏@FinTechLondon

#FinTech London Morning Bulletin is out! … Stories via @geoffblades @FintechGermany @sarahgillmartin

Fintech Germany ‏@FintechGermany

Wie #Fintech s die Macht der #Banken brechen … @cashboard @Christianedler @Mellinghoff @FinTechForum_DE #FTFInvestTech

Moze ‏@mozestudio

Congratulazioni a @AdviseOnly per la partecipazione a @FinTechForum_DE / we’re proud to work on your amazing product! 

startupticker ‏@startuptickerCH

startupticker Retweeted FinTech Forum

@QumramAG and @sentifi selected for @FinTechForum_DE in London. Congrats!