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Payments: Benefits & convenience score

Oversupply of payment options

Paying is not a problem these days – one would think. Often you have the choice of more than five payment methods when checking out an online shop, often more than ten (PayPal, paydirekt, instant transfer, on account, direct debit, Visa or Mastercard, …). A wide range of payment options have also become the norm at the checkout in the supermarket. We can pay in cash, with a bank or savings card, credit card, contactless, with the Apple smartphone or the Fitbit smartwatch. There is practically an oversupply of payment methods – whether at the cash register or on the Internet.



It is therefore quite surprising that there are far more than 100 startups and FinTechs in the German-speaking area alone in the field of payment. The question arises: How can you as a provider still stand out from the crowd?

The answer to this seems just as simple as it is difficult to implement: create perceptible benefits for payers as well as additional incentives for retailers.

Create new benefits for customers and dealers

New benefits are functions such as “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL), which give customers at the point of sale the opportunity to buy the product immediately, but not have to pay until a few weeks later. With Scalapay, an international FinTech established in Italy and France is entering the German market, which offers payments in three installments without interest, without fees and without a credit check from a purchase value of 1 euro. In India, this type of payment with the help of startups such as LAZYPAY is already well established, in the USA it is on the advance and in our country it is at the beginning of development.



It is important that such BNPL payments work just as easily as a PayPal or Amazon 1-Click payment that is practiced in Germany or contactless payment with NFC at the POS terminal at the petrol station. That means payment methods that are seamlessly embedded in the known purchase processes are already in pole position today and will be even more in the future. The seamless customer experience (CX) is therefore a core element, in addition to the benefits created – I am affording myself something today that I only have to pay for weeks and in installments.


Ideally, such new customer benefits for retailers lead to more sales (higher conversion rate) and fewer abandoned purchases. And it is precisely this conversion rate that ultimately determines the success or failure of new payment functions, product variants and CX. One hears in the market that well-implemented BNPL solutions with a high CX can increase the conversion rate by up to 20% and boost sales significantly. In an analysis of user behavior, Scalapay found that merchants with Scalapay are not only able to convert their shopping carts better with approx. 11%, but also increase the shopping cart volume by approx. 50% and achieve a repeat purchase rate of 68%.


Insights on market potential and opportunities for retailers directly from Scalapay and industry experts on June 15th in an interactive live talk
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