We have been covering FinTech funding rounds, M&A and key partnerships in Germany/D.A.CH since 2013 in our weekly newsletter, but with a burgeoning FinTech scene and deals announced almost every week, it is time for a Scoreboard – or two!

  • Our (experimental) FinTech Germany Funding Scoreboard lists the funding rounds and key M&A deals year-to-date, starting 1st Jan. 2017 (*based on disclosed deals from public sources only)– we take no liability for the correctness or completeness of this list.
  • The FinTech Forum Alumni Scoreboard (please scroll down) summarises the funding rounds and key exits of startups who have presented at our events, starting from the 1st FinTech Forum in Nov. 2013.

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Germany FinTech Funding Scoreboard*: $118+ M in funding; $70+ M of exits (2017 YTD- as of 17.3.17)

Startup (click to go to the respective website) FinTech Type Funding Amount ($M)  Factoring  5,9
Billie Other  3,72
BillPay Payment  Acquired($75 M)
Bitbond Bitcoin  1,2
Bonify Other  5,8
Candis Accounting  Undisclosed
Elohna   Acquired(N.A)
Fraugster  Security  5
Gastrofix Payment  8,58
Giromatch Lending  1,08
Grover Other  Acquired(N.A) Lending  Acquired(N.A)
Liqid Investment  4,78
Neufund Blockchain  2,15
Pay with a Tweet Payment  Acquired(N.A)
Raisin Investment  32,2
Simplesurance Insurance  Undisclosed
Solaris Bank Retail Banking  28,28
Spotcap Lending  15,01
Treefin  Acquired
Zeitgold Other  4,47

FinTech Forum Alumni Scoreboard (2013 YTD- as of 24.2.17.)

The journey of startups who have presented at FinTech Forum and FinTech Forum On Tour events since 2013- in three charts!