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7 Minute Pitch Template Essentials

In the past 7 years we at FinTech Forum have evaluated over 3,500 pitches and given a lot of feedback. More than 350 FinTech startups have presented their business models in 7 minutes each.From this we developed a template. We recommend that all founders cover at least the following eight themes in their presentation.1. Elevator pitch: the […]

8 factors why crypto currencies are here to stay

User numbers and investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are increasing. In the Swiss Crypto Valley, 800 companies with 4000 employees are working on the digitalization of assets. The regulators are also taking up the issue. In the digital age, cryptocurrencies are the next logical stage in the development of money. 1. Users, volumes, transactions […]

Rise of payment service providers – the pointers to the future of the retail banking industry

Whether PayPal, Adyen, stripe, transferwise, PayU, Wirecard or PAYONE – years ago the first startups of the still young FinTech industry, they have now developed into serious financial services companies. The development of the payment industry is already showing where the journey of the retail banking industry is going. It is surprising that while payment is one […]

Aufstieg der Payment Dienstleister – Wegweiser für die Zukunft der Retail Banking Industrie

  Ob PayPal, Adyen, stripe, transferwise, PayU, Wirecard oder PAYONE – vor Jahren die ersten Startups der noch jungen FinTech Industrie haben sie sich inzwischen zu ernstzunehmende Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen entwickelt. Die Entwicklung der Payment Industrie zeigt bereits heute wohin die Reise der Retail Banking Industrie geht.   Es ist erstaunlich, Zahlungsverkehr ist eine der wesentlichen Aufgaben […]