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Q&A with Ralph Mogicato of Synpulse

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I have over 25 years of experience in the financial industry in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Singapore. I’m co-founder and used to be CEO at the Swiss consultancy Synpulse (formerly known as Solution Providers) with over 350 employees mainly focusing on banking and insurance. I have expertise in strategy building, defining business plans and cases, make-or-buy decisions, evaluation support of packaged software, quality assurance for large projects and composition of „greenfield units”. Since 2012 I’m an very active angel investor, board member or advisor for start-up companies in the technology field (e.g. Starmind, unblu, Contovista) and guest lecturer at several universities of applied sciences as well as lecturer at the University of Zurich.

2. What is your investment focus/thesis, and which FinTech firms are in your portfolio?
My focus is Fintech B2B companies with an SaaS offering. My main investments are Contovista – PFM (Switzerland, Exit October 2017), Sonect – Virtual ATM (Switzerland), Fundbase – B2B2C marketplace for alternative investments (Switzerland), APIAX – Reg as a Service (Switzerland), unblu – Co-Browsing and Chat solution for Financial Institution (Switzerland), Allver – frist online insurance broker in Austria (Austria), Starmind – AI for Financial Industry (Switzerland)

3. What made you invest into esurance.ch and why?
I’m investor and boardmember of the 3rd biggest insurance broker in Switzerland. My focus is IT and Digitalization and we were looking for colaboration with several insuretech startups. Esurance was one of the few, who has an excellent team, a passion to execute and to strive for new ways. And happy enough they were open for a strategic investments from our side. We’re now developing jointly the first SME online broker in Switzerland.