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Q&A with Aman Ghei of Finch Capital

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am an investor with Finch Capital (formerly Orange Growth Capital). Previously I’ve spent time at Facebook where I was involved with their audience network and distribution platforms. After that I ran product and a game studio for one of Europe’s largest mobile game developers. Previously I was at Credit Suisse and Accel Partners, where I invested in companies like Supercell, Spotify and Hailo

2. What is your investment focus/thesis, and which FinTech firms are in your portfolio?
We focus on investing in companies in the financial technology vertical. We’ve made c.20 investments in the space ranging from security/infrastructure software solutions to AI/ML driven customer insights platforms. We also invest marketplaces that disrupt consumer financial pain points across any industry (real estate, automative and financial services themselves)

3. What made you invest into Squirro and why?

Squirro has the capabilities to connect data silos/lakes in organisations and drive true revenue uplift by providing actionable insights to the user. We had not seen a company drive ROI so quickly at large institutions like Well Fargo as well as at insurance companies like Helvetia.