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Q&A with Maximilian Kempken of b2v Partners

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Investment Manager at btov Partners, the European venture capital firm, managing about EUR 330m in institutional funds, partners funds and direct investments of private investors.

2. What is your investment focus/thesis, and which FinTech firms are in your portfolio?
Investment Focus: We have two investment teams. One is focusing on Digital Tech and the other on Industrial Tech. The Digital Tech fund invests in consumer-oriented businesses in the fields of fintech, marketplaces and software. The Industrial Tech fund places its focus on deep tech, e.g. industry 4.0, resource efficiency, industrial AI, IoT, cyber secruity as well as Medtech.
Our FinTech portfolio: Azimo, Compeon, Finanzcheck.de, GetSafe, Ottonova, Raisin, SumUp.

3. What made you invest into GetSafe and why?
GetSafe (www.getsafe.de) is shortening the insurance supply-chain by going straight to a reinsurer, in this case, MunichRe. They have built a licensing framework as well as a fully autonomous policy admin system that lets them build, underwrite and manage own insurance products in all three lines of business (health, life, non-life) that are packaged in one single, flexible monthly membership for the customer. They remove the conflict of interest between paying claims and making underwriting profit by giving away money to charitable causes if there are fewer claims than initially anticipated. For customers, GetSafe’s products are therefore fair by design. Finally, customers can store their GetSafe and third-party insurance products in a wallet (www.versicherungsmanager.co).