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Q&A with Egbert Bierman of Transamerica Ventures

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
TAV: corporate venture fund of Global Aegon Group. We are active since 2014 and now have 19 investments of which are 16 direct investments. I am senior investment director for the fund responsible for the EU operations.

2. What is your investment focus/thesis, and which FinTech firms are in your portfolio?
We invest when there is an interest from our organization on a future commercial relationship, let’s call it an organizational sponsor. That also means we look at later stage A, B rounds and C rounds, as these stage companies have a concrete product our organization can work with.
From a Fintech perspective we are broadly interested in customer data enrichment, insight in customer behavior, customer communication/interaction, digital distribution, mobile fintech applications, more specifically in wealth management, tools bringing transparency in Asset Management and Insurtech propositions (ranging from operational insurance platforms to mobile insurance wallets)

3. What made you invest into Fairr.de and why?
Digital product distribution is one of the areas we are interested in, further Aegon is a leading player in the pensions space in the geographies we are present. Investing in Fairr.de allowed us to learn more about how to distribute complicated products digitally and further gave us a chance to start to learn about the German pension landscape.