7 Questions with Matthias Klein of Opportunity Network

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, both at work and leisure.

Throughout my professional career I have always been focussed on simplifying complicated processes. As an investment banker I have helped medium sized corporates using standardized derivative solutions in their hedging programs. And I have also helped many startups, especially Fintechs, especially in Europe and Singapore, to not just focus on over-engineering their products, but on creating real value for clients as well.

In my role as Country Director Germany for Opportunity Network I currently play a huge role in enabling entrepreneurial spirits in startups, business associations, banks and corporates with one another. Via Opportunity Network’s digital matchmaking platform CEOs and decision makers can post, find and connect with commercial, funding and acquisition deals worldwide, at any given time of the day.

Last but not least, I love cooking with my family & friends and consider my kitchen as an innovation accelerator.

2. What is Opportunity Network?
Opportunity Network is an invite-only network for select CEOs and private investors to grow their businesses worldwide. The platform includes 40,000+ CEOs from 130+ countries and a total transaction flow of ~$600BN.

Members publish and connect to actionable deals and investment opportunities ranging from early-stage funding to M&A, commercial partnerships, and JVs, both domestically and around the world.

All members are screened by prestigious vetting partners, including UBS, ABN Amro, Citizens Bank, London Stock Exchange Group, Intesa Sanpaolo, Caixabank, Alfa-Bank, Bci, BBVA, Eurobank, Vietinbank, YPO, Dentons and more. Opportunity Network aims to facilitate global business growth by breaking down barriers to trade and investment.

3. Why do you partner with FinTech Forum?

Seven years ago I attended the FinTech Forum for the first time and have always met interesting fintech entrepreneurs who have been looking for funding and commercializing their innovative product and services. Now in my current position I am able to offer these spirits free access Opportunity Network and allow them to benefit from connecting and finding new potential trustworthy business partners worldwide, digitally.

4. Which are the trends to watch out for in the next 6-18 months?

Covid-19 significantly boosted (and still is) digitalization globally in the first place and has helped generate even more support for digital initiatives in the near future. In regards to Opportunity Network, having access to our network is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but has become a necessity. Therefore we expect our member base to grow even more exponentially than it is currently doing and more partners to join the partnership program.

5. Your advice to European founders looking to scale up and raise funds?

Use this time to adopt new digital ways of networking. Even the best and most successful business owners do not know everything or anyone and miss out on great opportunities caused by their blind spot. Be open to new digital networking, especially now most of us are restricted and working from home, and find those new contacts and participate in deals you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

6. What’s on your bookshelf/ reading list?

The Innovation Stack – Jim McKelvey

7. Your favorite place for a coffee and/ or a drink?

Lau Pa Sat just in front of 80RR FintechHub in Singagpore.

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