Q&A- Investors / Corporates

5 Questions with Christian Nagel, EARLYBIRD

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your focus areas, overall and within FinTech

I am an entrepreneur and passionate for more than 21 years. Fin-tech excites me since our investment into Interhyp in 1999.


2. What opportunities or challenges are FinTechs creating for European Financial Institutions?

Internet and mobile have been the first wave of challenges, AI and blockchain have created the second, with potentially much higher impact and challenge for incumbents.


3. What do you think about the incumbents’ response so far?

Surprisingly little. Other industries started M&A big time, not the European Financial Institutions


4. Which way do you see the sector going and who would be the likely winners?

We are overbooked and underserved – this will change. I see consolidation happening and  specialised, very focused companies surviving.


5. What’s on your bookshelf/holiday reading list?

Tell from Daniel Kehlmann – back to the ugly past…