Scaling Enterprise FinTech

Scaling Enterprise FinTech with Javier Correa of PostFinance AG

This interview is part of Scaling Enterprise FinTech | The Handbook, launched in partnership with SixThirty Ventures.

1. A year since the first lockdowns- is this is a good time to be building or scaling an Enterprise FinTech (/ InsurTech) firm in Europe?

Yes, generally it always is, as long as there is a strong value proposition behind and clearly articulated. There is incremental talent looking to jump into an exciting journey. Customers and prospects have been made strongly aware of additional needs and/or of the advantages from innovative business models/technologies/products and services. In addition, deep pools of capital looking for attractive opportunities to support these teams.

2. What’s working and what’s not in B2B / Enterprise sales in the current environment?

Automatisation and bolting-on services (mostly in the background) to facilitate (E2E) clients help their (end) customers achieve a goal (their “why”), supporting the sales (the “what”) with less emphasis on the process/tech behind (the “how”). On the other side of the spectrum, niche Solutions that can be more efficiently be thought-through, developed and executed by a startup than corporates.

3. In terms of investment focus: what’s in and what’s out for you?

We are in the fintech space. Cever, motivated and upright team, tackling an attractive market opportunity, with a demonstrated solution capable of solving a real and significant issue are welcome.

Areas we currently look into include, but are not limited to, payments, source-to-pay and order-to-cash elements and solutions and digital assets (mostly infrastructure).

4. What does it take to get to Series A today?

 A credible and experienced team, with a compelling vision of a journey and viable solution to solve a real and significant issue, addressing a sizable market

5. What should startups expect or plan for in the coming months?

Additional interest from customers (end-consumers, corporates and even governments/agencies) following the pandemic and its lessons, however still dealing with legacy issues, e.g. systems, regulations/legislations, processes and mindset.

Further competition from additional talent-pools chasing similar opportunities from various angles in innovative and creative ways.

Attractive offers from potential capital and corporate partners, whereby differentiation on value proposition to the startup may give an edge.