12th FinTech Forum in Tweets

Like every year, here is our “event in Tweets”- tweets and pictures counting down to the 12th FinTech Forum, as well as selected tweets of the day. Hope you enjoy the recap. If you would like to stay in touch with “what’s next in European FinTech” through the year, register here for our weekly newsletter covering FinTech deals, interviews with hand-picked founders, investors and innovators at financial institutions:

Banco Sabadell


#FTF12 |

@PauBSBS, Head of Investments de @InnoCells, compartirá ideas y tendencias de inversión en Europa en el ámbito del #FinTech el próximo 19/11 en la 12a edición del


. Más información y registro:


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  • 11 Nov

#FTF12 | @PauBSBS, Head of Investments at @InnoCells, is among the investors who will be online sharing insights and investment trends in European #FinTech at the 12th @FinTechForum_DE, 19th Nov. 2020. Join us!

7:30 pm · 11 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App


Rajni Sethi


What´s next in European #FinTech? Join us at the FinTech Forum online conference where you can get award-winning insights and connections into the European startup and investment landscape. Register here!#Nagarro#DigitalEngineering


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  • 22 Oct

What´s next in European #FinTech? Join us at the upcoming @FinTechForum_DE online conference where you can get award-winning insights & connections into the European startup & investment landscape. Register here, we will meet you online!… @FinTechForum_DE

10:28 pm · 22 Oct 2020·SociabbleApp


Universal Investment


In einer Woche findet das #ftf12 statt. Als Gastredner ist auch


dabei, der vorab verraten hat, welcher #FinTech-Bereich für ihn am spannendsten ist, welche Tipps er für Start-Ups hat und was zum Lesen auf dem Nachttisch liegt.


7 Questions with Daniel Andemeskel of Universal-Investment

10:00 am · 12 Nov 2020·dirico


Spherium Finance


What’s next in European #FinTech? #FTF12 Meet Morgan Deane, the Vice Chairman of Spherium Labs Board of Directors at

@FinTechForum_DE !…

@SamarthShekharS @SpirosMargaris @rundshagenm @rtancan @SpheriumFinance @KlickOwn @PauBSBS @Nagarro @carihalem

12th FinTech Forum- Online | 19th Nov. 2020

Since 2013, FinTech Forum’s 20+ events have explored “what’s next in European FinTech”- meet the startups & investors who make it happen!

10:43 pm · 16 Nov 2020·Twitter for Android


Frank Schwab


Do not miss #FTF12 Panel: FinTech Investing in the (post-) COVID Era 12th


– ONLINE – 19th Nov 20, 16:30 CET

@SamarthShekharS @rundshagenm @SpirosMargaris @rtancan @iconic_holding @haydentiff @JimMarous @UrsBolt @efipm @thepsironi

You and 7 others

10:57 am · 16 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App

Opportunity Network



On Thursday, November 19th, Opportunity Network will be taking part in the


to discuss the future of European fintech. Interested in finding your next opportunity? Register here:

2:10 pm · 17 Nov 2020·HubSpot


My Football Space GmbH


18 Nov

Wir freuen uns am morgen, 19.November, am 12. FinTech Forum teilzunehmen. In unserem Pitch erläutern wir unsere Blockchain-basierte Fan Engagement Lösung. #investor #earlystage#blockchain #token #fintech #fintechforum #sportstech #FTF12




Happy to see you today at the @FinTechForum_DE with our friends from @finteum @CommneXGmbH and @SpheriumFinance

Don’t miss our CEO, @SandipanChakr , at 15.30 #ftf12

10:54 am · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App


Frank Schwab


Last preparations for


#FTF12 Last minute participants – pls DM me … Agenda here: #FinTech #Blockchain #Startup #investor#FinTechForum

Frank Schwab

12:41 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App


FinTech Forum


Off to a great start in the digital avatar of ⁦


#FTF12 – thanks to the first four startup presentations ⁦⁦

@FinteumBrian, ⁦ @CommneXGmbH, ⁦@KlickOwn⁩ ⁦@EvoEstate


3:04 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter for iPhone

FinTech Forum


Great insights on investment trends, challenges & opportunities in the #FinTech & #RegTech space from Astrid Freier @VidiciVentures; the Asset Management & #WealthTech space from @DAndemeskel @ui_gmbh; & emerging opportunities in European FinTech from @_silvaman @mourocapital

5:01 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App

FinTech Forum


The second set of startup presentations at #FTF12 covered innovations across cash to crypto- thanks to Alexander Schlicher, #MyFootballSpace, Sandipan Chakraborty, @sonectme, Martin Kreitmair @tangany and Morgan Deane @SpheriumA

5:18 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App


FinTech Forum


Great to have our #FTF10 alumnus @ImburseAG @OliverWerneyer share his journey to Series A, lessons learnt and what’s ahead for his company!

5:20 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App

FinTech Forum


…and to wrap it up, thanks to our panelists discussing “#FinTech investing in the (post-) COVID era”:

@BKDubeyGer of @Nagarro,  @PauBSBS of @InnoCells@BancoSabadell@rtancan of @MultipleCapital@Max_Iconic of @iconic_holding, moderated by our very own @FrankJSchwab!


5:28 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App

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#FTF12@PauBSBS , head of Investments at @InnoCells

: “#COVID19 has accelerated #Fintech digitalization trends by 4 years and we are now starting to see an uplift on collaboration between fintech and corporates, which is very positive for the market” cc


6:14 pm · 19 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App