Thursday, April 21st, 2016 – Airport Club, Frankfurt am Main

08:30 – 10:30 Mentoring Group Break-Outs (for startups and invited mentors only)

10:00 – 10:30 Registration

10:30 – 10:40 Keynote
(Frank Schwab, Co-Founder, FinTech Forum)

10:40 – 10:50 FinTech Deal Highlights: D.A.CH & Global
(Samarth Shekhar, Co-Founder, FinTech Forum)

10:50 – 11:50 Startup Pitches I

11:50 – 12:10 Lessons Learned

12:10 – 13:00 Buffet & Networking

13:00 – 14:00 Startup Pitches II

14:00 – 14:30 Roundtable Discussion:
„VCs, Bank/Corporate VCs, Accelerators or Company Builders: Who wins the European FinTech competition?“

14:30 – 15:00 Coffee & Networking

15:00 – 16:00 Startup Pitches III

16:00 – 17:00 Coffee & Networking

Please Register Here: Investors | Startups | Corporates

Who ist going to be there on April 21st, 2016:


Startupsin a Tweet
CookiesEurope’s fastest and most secure P2P payment app. Co-founders: Lamine Cheloufi and Garry Krugljakow .
DwinsBank account switching made easy- 100% hassle free for customers and 100% worthwhile for banks! Co-Founders: Alexander Michel and Benjamin Michel.
ECHOA Blockchain-based mobile payment platform packaged in a P2P encrypted chat app. (Whatsapp merged with Paypal). Co-Founders: Christoph Hering and Ken Code.
HufsyPainless and Convenient Cross-Border Banking for Businesses. Co-Founders: Rafal Lipinski and Maria Flyvbjerg Bo.
InvestifyInvesting that feels simply right for everyone: modern, understandable and serious. Co-Founders: Tobias Haustein and Sebastian Habenack.
KapilendoLending marketplace: profit from selected projects of the German Mittelstand. Co-Founders: Chirstopher Grätz and Lars Kalwitzke.
MoneyCirclesThe first decentralised p2p lending marketplace connecting the $1 trillion credit union marketplace. Co-Founders: Ben Breen, Adrian Davies and Aron van Ammers.
SimpleFinanceInvestment made easy: customized recommendations for improving your investment performance. Co-Founders: Fabian Schwietal and Alexander Reimche.
WhiteboxWe manage your wealth: independent, professional and economical. Co-Founders: Andreas R. Sarasin, Salome Preiswerk and Birte Rothkopf.
SymetricsA strategic risk analytics software platform for financial institutions. Managing Partners: Sander Boon and Martijn van Eck.
LendstarLeading social financial network in Germany and Austria: send, share & source money. Founder: Christopher Kampshoff.
fairr.deThe only startup in the world to offer a life long pension. Founder: Jens Jenissen.
FinTecSystemsReal Time Financial Data Access for Banks and Payment Processors. Co-Founders: Stefan Krautkrämer and Dirk Rudolf.
qlipayturnkey solution for third party electronic bill payment, supporting multiple payment & notification options. CEO: Michael Flach.
ScaledRiskThe only big data platform designed for financial institutions. Co-Founders: Hervé Bonazzi, Thierry Duchamp.
SM ComplianceThe first proactive social media compliance platform. Founder: Kitty Parry.
Chiemo/EinsteinCognitive Customer Engagement platform (text / voice). Founder: Max Seybold.
WealthArcCustomizable B2B SaaS Platform for Private Banking. Founder: Krzysztof Gogol.
B4Payment-SEPAexpressa white label solution to process DirectDebits faster and cost effective- turn DirectDebits into a true alternative to credit cards! Founder: Viktor Brenner.

Banken / Investoren / Corporates
Aareal Bank
ACXIT Capital Management
BNP Paribas
Deutsche Vermögensberatung
Ernst & Young
FinTech Group
Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers
Heussen Law
Matthias Klein
Schwarz Dienstleistung
Spiros Margaris
Michael Mellinghoff
Michael Reinicke
Frank Schwab
Samarth Shekhar
UniCredit Bank
UK Trade & Investment
Ventegis Capital

FTF Partners

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Airport Club
Frankfurt Airport Center I
Frankfurt am Main
Anfahrt (PDF zum Download hier)



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Participants of our events 2015:


Startupsin a Tweet
ascribe Ascribe enables creators to share their digital property, without losing control. Galleries, collectors, and marketplaces can get authentic digital works with a clear chain of provenance and ownership to the creator.
QuantozQuantoz is a European technology company. They cater open, decentralised concepts with pragmatic solutions. For this purpose they create and implement blockchain-based applications. They believe that handing power to people builds trust and loyalty.
Blockchain Industries Platform solutions for public and private blockchains made with Supercomputers built on our own ASIC!
Moneymeets hilft seinen Mitgliedern bessere Finanzentscheidungen zu treffen: Übersicht gewinnen, bessere Lösungen finden und so preiswert wie möglich umsetzen.
massupFirst Insurance API for Small Protection Insurance: smartphones, headphones, eBike etc.
AmodoConnected Insurance Analytics Platform: engage clients via Smartphones and Smart Devices!
Klar+Your navigation system for private finance: no commissions or brokerage, unbiased from sales-oriented insurers and banks
Prophis TechnologiesAward winning technology empowering financial firms to derive value and insights from internal and external data.
BondITAdvanced algorithm-based fixed income portfolio construction, optimization, rebalance, analysis and monitoring.
CashboardDigital asset management startup offering alternative asset classes: recent deal with a top tier German bank, and prepares a €4 mn budget TV campaign
PrelycsPetabyte scale predictive analytics for stock investments: quantitative investment research for family offices and independent wealth managers.
iBank Investment Advisory
MiFID 2 conforming hybrid Robo Advisory platform already used by two banks( in Austria and Italy)
NovofinaRobo-Advisor with own professional trading systems (algorithms, non-HFT): the new safe, fair, and transparent way to investing.
QuantstoreCloud based B2B XAAS factory, market place and community for FIs, their customers and providers. (XaaS = Software / Platform / Infrastructure... as a Service)
FinTecSystemsFReal Time Financial Data Access: including customized solutions for banks, financial services companies and payment processors.
LeasinGoThe only algorithm-based real-time leasing comparison and calculation system in Germany
CryptonomexSmartChain technology, built on the "Graphene Toolkit" to build blockchain applications, run cryptocurrency exchanges or services etc.
brainbot technologiesExtending the Ethereum blockchain platform to support compliance, scalability and confidentiality. Ultimately creating a viable infrastructure for the internet of value.
CluedaAward-winning real-time big data analytics for financial services- e.g. event spotting for traders and analysts
digicashFirst SEPA based, multi-bank, mobile payment initiative in Europe
FairrYour private pension. Online. Low Cost. Transparent.
figoBuilding the backbone of next generation financial services
finatrisPortfolio Simulator: a tablet-based advisory software & Trend Cockpit: an investment GPS in turbulent times.
finmarA platform for peer-to-business lending providing loans up to €25,000 for SMEs.
FinturaFirst brokerage platform for SME loans with comparison of risk-adjusted loan conditions
FSC SoftwareAutomated testing for asset management software
GiromatchUnites the Online-Banking-Crowd & offers a digital alternative for conservative savers and prime borrowers
GuidantsMonitor, analyze and discuss the financial markets- tailored to your individual needs and free of charge.
In2ExperienceRisk Opportunity Map offers an intuitive risk & return view of investments for retail investors
milliPayMonetise digital content with "Online Payments as Simple as Browsing"
niiioHandle stock investments, including portfolio-optimization: easy, flexible and smart.
treefinYour personal financial assistant: all banking, insurance and investments in one app!
SBEXAn open internet-­‐money platform enabling competitive financial servicesby connecting traditional and crypto currencies
SclableAn intuitive tool for modelling business domains with a core engine for agile development of applications
SECCO (Authada)Realtime mobile and secure customer authentication via the electronic Identity (eID) of the German ID card to optimize fraud detection
TreasuryViewBig data corporate banking: we remove barriers to sell and uncover reasons to buy!
UptickConsumer trading app: Competitive social gaming meets stock trading.
WaitologySubconscious presale - turn your waiting customers into increased sales.

Investors, Banks & Corporates
Aareal Bank
Accso – Accelerated Solutions
Allianz Global Investors
Bernegger Ventures
Börse Stuttgart Holding
Business Angels
Capra Ventures
comdirect bank
Consorsbank – BNP Paribas 
Deutsche Bundesbank
Deutsche Bank
DZ Bank
Finstar Financial Group
GSLP International
Hannover Rück
Hello bank! by BNP Paribas
HighLine Ventures
HQ Life AG
ING Bank
Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
Lucht Probst Associates GmbH
Management Partners
New Frontier Innovation
Pioneers Discover
PwC’s Accelerator Germany
Rennell Wertpapiergesellschaft
Sparkassen Finanzportal
Star Finanz
Schwäbisch Hall Kreditservice
SilkRoad Consulting
Trust IN
Union Investment
UK Trade & Investment
Wüstenrot Bank
Wilmore Finance
WEHRS & Wehrs