Thursday, November 19th, 2015 – Frankfurt am Main

08:30 – 10:00 Mentoring Group Break-Outs (for startups and invited mentors only)

09:30 – 10:00 Event Registration

10:00 – 10:10 Keynote

(Frank Schwab, Co-Founder, FinTech Forum) 

10:10 – 10:20 FinTech Deal Highlights: D.A.CH & Global

(Samarth Shekhar, Co-Founder, FinTech Forum)

10:20 – 11:30 Startup Pitches, Investment Management / Robo-Advisory

11:30 – 11:50 Coffee Break

11:50 – 12:20 Highlights Bankathon 2015

(Lars Markull, figo / Bankathon)

12:20 – 13:10 Startup Pitches, Insurance

13:10 – 14:10 Buffet & Networking

14:10 – 15:00 Roundtable Discussion / Feedback

Which technologies will have the highest potential impact on finance?

Moderator: Frank Schwab

15:00 – 16:00 Startup Pitches, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

16:00 – 17:00 Coffee & Networking


Startupsin a Tweet
ascribe Ascribe enables creators to share their digital property, without losing control. Galleries, collectors, and marketplaces can get authentic digital works with a clear chain of provenance and ownership to the creator.
QuantozQuantoz is a European technology company. They cater open, decentralised concepts with pragmatic solutions. For this purpose they create and implement blockchain-based applications. They believe that handing power to people builds trust and loyalty.
Blockchain IndustriesPlatform solutions for public and private blockchains made with Supercomputers built on our own ASIC!
Moneymeets hilft seinen Mitgliedern bessere Finanzentscheidungen zu treffen: Übersicht gewinnen, bessere Lösungen finden und so preiswert wie möglich umsetzen.
massupFirst Insurance API for Small Protection Insurance: smartphones, headphones, eBike etc.
AmodoConnected Insurance Analytics Platform: engage clients via Smartphones and Smart Devices!
Klar+Your navigation system for private finance: no commissions or brokerage, unbiased from sales-oriented insurers and banks
Prophis TechnologiesAward winning technology empowering financial firms to derive value and insights from internal and external data.
BondITAdvanced algorithm-based fixed income portfolio construction, optimization, rebalance, analysis and monitoring.
CashboardDigital asset management startup offering alternative asset classes: recent deal with a top tier German bank, and prepares a 4 mn budget TV campaign
PrelycsPetabyte scale predictive analytics for stock investments: quantitative investment research for family offices and independent wealth managers.
iBank Investment Advisory
MiFID 2 conforming hybrid Robo Advisory platform already used by two banks( in Austria and Italy)
NovofinaRobo-Advisor with own professional trading systems (algorithms, non-HFT): the new safe, fair, and transparent way to investing.
QuantstoreCloud based B2B XAAS factory, market place and community for FIs, their customers and providers. (XaaS = Software / Platform / Infrastructure... as a Service)
FinTecSystemsReal Time Financial Data Access: including customized solutions for banks, financial services companies and payment processors.
LeasinGoThe only algorithm-based real-time leasing comparison and calculation system in Germany
CryptonomexSmartChain technology, built on the "Graphene Toolkit" to build blockchain applications, run cryptocurrency exchanges or services etc.
brainbot technologiesExtending the Ethereum blockchain platform to support compliance, scalability and confidentiality. Ultimately creating a viable infrastructure for the internet of value.

Investors, Banks & Corporates
Aareal Bank
Accso – Accelerated Solutions
Allianz Global Investors
Consorsbank – BNP Paribas 
Deutsche Bundesbank
DZ Bank
GSLP International
Hannover Rück
Management Partners
Sparkassen Finanzportal
Star Finanz
Union Investment
Wüstenrot Bank
Wilmore Finance



Thursday, March 19th, 2015 – Frankfurt am Main

08:30 – 10:30 Mentoring Group Break-Outs (for startups and invited mentors only)

10:00 – 10:30 Registration

10:30 – 10:40 Keynote
(Frank Schwab, CEO, Fidor TecS und Co-Founder, FinTech Forum)

10:40 – 10:50 FinTech Deal Highlights:
D.A.CH & Global (Samarth Shekhar, Co-Founder, FinTech Forum)

10:50 – 12:30 Startup Pitches

12:30 – 13:30 Buffet & Networking

13:30 – 14:30 Roundtable Discussion
„Accelerating the Financial Services of the Future via Partnerships and M&A“

14:30 – 16:00 Startup Pitches

16:00 – 17:00 Coffee & Networking

Please Register Here: Investors | Startups | Corporates

Who ist going to be there in March 19th, 2015:

Startups in a Tweet

Company Name Startup in a Tweet
Clueda Award-winning real-time big data analytics for financial services- e.g. event spotting for traders and analysts
digicash First SEPA based, multi-bank, mobile payment initiative in Europe
Fairr Your private pension. Online. Low Cost. Transparent.
figo Building the backbone of next generation financial services
finatris Portfolio Simulator: a tablet-based advisory software & Trend Cockpit: an investment GPS in turbulent times.
finmar A platform for peer-to-business lending providing loans up to €25,000 for SMEs.
Fintura First brokerage platform for SME loans with comparison of risk-adjusted loan conditions
FSC Software Automated testing for asset management software
GiroMatch Unites the Online-Banking-Crowd & offers a digital alternative for conservative savers and prime borrowers
Guidants (BörseGo) Monitor, analyze and discuss the financial markets- tailored to your individual needs and free of charge.
In2Experience Risk Opportunity Map offers an intuitive risk & return view of investments for retail investors
milliPay Monetise digital content with „Online Payments as Simple as Browsing“
niiio Handle stock investments, including portfolio-optimization: easy, flexible and smart.
treefin Your personal financial assistant: all banking, insurance and investments in one app!
SBEX An open internet-­‐money platform enabling competitive financial servicesby connecting traditional and crypto currencies
Sclable Business Solutions GmbH An intuitive tool for modelling business domains with a core engine for agile development of applications
SECCO (AUTHADA) Realtime mobile and secure customer authentication via the electronic Identity (eID) of the German ID card to optimize fraud detection
TreasuryView (KFPD) Big data corporate banking: we remove barriers to sell and uncover reasons to buy!
UpTick (WapoVentures) Consumer trading app: Competitive social gaming meets stock trading.
Waitology Subconscious presale – turn your waiting customers into increased sales.

Investoren / Banken
Bernegger Ventures
Börse Stuttgart Holding
Business Angels
Capra Ventures
comdirect bank

Deutsche Bank
Finstar Financial Group

Hello bank! by BNP Paribas
HighLine Ventures
HQ Life AG
ING Bank
Lucht Probst Associates GmbH
Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft
Michael Mellinghoff
New Frontier Innovation
Pioneers Discover
PwC’s Accelerator Germany
Rennell Wertpapiergesellschaft
Sparkassen Finanzportal
SilkRoad Consulting
Trust IN
UK Trade & Investment
WEHRS & Wehrs

Schwäbisch Hall Kreditservice

– Indrek Neivelt, Chairman, Elementare AS
– Marc P. Bernegger, Venture Partner, Orange Growth Capital
– Susanne Chishti, Founder & CEO at FINTECH Circle
– Jost Hoppermann, VP, Banking Applications & Architecture, Forrester Research
– Aidan Kenny, Fidelity Investment

Who was there on 20th November, 2014:

BCB Biometric Credit Bureau
Intelligent Recommendations
Table of Visions
xWare 42

Investors / Banks
Christian Ramme, Acxit
Stefan Hamm, adorsys
Alessandro Laraia, arvato
Manuel Sprödhuber, Astutia
Oriol Pons, BeeOne (Erste Group)
Chris Berger, BeeOne (Erste Group)
Deutsche Bank
Christian Nagel, Earlybird
Thilo Rottach, easycredit
Robin Manicom, Equinix
Elizabeth Davin, Fidelity Investments
Jörg Flöck, HighLine Ventures
Ramin Niroumand, HitFox
Andreas Spengel, MasterCard
Michael Mellinghoff
Reinier Musters, Orange Growth Capital
Enrico Reiche, PwC’s Accelerator Germany
Pascal Bouvier, Route 66 Ventures
S Broker
Swisscom Banking
Matteo Rizzi, SBT Venture Capital
Peter Hofmann, Swisscom Banking
Martin Buhl, TechLeaders
Jess Williamson, Techstars
Greg Rogers, Techstars
Liam Harris, UK Trade & Investment
Rachel Postert, UK Trade & Investment
Wüstenrot Bank

Chris Berger, BeeOne / Erste Group Hub
Matteo Rizzi, SBT Venture Capital
Pascal Bouvier, Route 66 Ventures
Christoph Schmitz, Ernst&Young

Presse / Blogger
Herr Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring, Der Bank-Blog
Dr. Thomas Leims, Banken+Partner
Anna Irrera, Financial News
Boris Janek, Finance ZweiNull
Mark Böschen, Manager Magazin
Isabel Gomez, Wall Street Journal Deutschland

„Startup in a Tweet“

Startup Startup in a Tweet


„Germany’s first online financial advisory on a fee basis.“

easyfolio / Extravest

„The easiest way to make diversified investments“

Refined Investment / Cashboard

„Tailored, diversified and automated portfolios in one free account“


„Customizable and independent front-end system to connect legacy back-ends, and optimize front-end processes and user experience“


„Scientific research-based investment approach as comprehensible as weather forecasts“


„Heute Leistung, Morgen Geld“ – factoring solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

BCB Biometric Credit Bureau

Biometric-based credit bureau solution for emerging markets


Secure, enriched “transaction storytelling” and simple way to manage finances

Table of Visions

Crowdfunding pioneers offering white-labeled solution used by top German Fis


Automated tools for quantitative investing and trading for mobile and wearables


Quality management, customer loyalty and mobile payment in a single app

Banking Check

Germany’s leading finance product comparison / evaluation portal


„Piggy bank was yesterday“: invest money towards financial goals!


High-end digital security and identification across digital channels and end-devices


„Invest in passion“: crowd-funding platform for films!


„Google for financial products“: over 100000 offerings, one search machine


„Modern monetary system based on particular legal framework to enable self-issued credit for real economy“


Use the „wisdom of the crowd“ and buy shares at the best prices- with direct checkout!


Real-time information about non-listed companies: for investors and banks.


Tap, Tap, Done!” Patented technology with simple but secure mobile payment across card issuers.

Intelligent Recommendations

„The world’s first collective intelligence-based investment recommendation system“

Who was there on 9th May, 2014:

Startups Startup in a Tweet“
BankingCheck „So you know who to trust“: independent rating platform for banks / FSIs
BillPay „Safe, simple and fast“ free unified billing and payments
Bitbond Peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending: „Banking is necessary, banks are not
cashcloud Carry your cash, cards and coupons in the cloud
ConWeaver „We make your data work“: automated linking of heterogeneous data
Debitos Germany’s first receivables exchange: working capital for SMEs
Die Projektfabrik Innovative cloud-based transaction payments solutions
eLeader Superwallet: Add value to m-banking by adding marketplaces to your app
FastBill Accounting as easy and quick as it should be“ for SMEs & freelancers
Fidor TecS Award-winning web-based community-, payment- und banking-solutions
iPfand Germany’s first Online „Pfandhaus“ offering loan against valuables
m-conneXt The leading mCommerce Hub – greatly simplifying the technical and commercial integration between Service Providers and Wallet Providers
Open Bank Project „Bank as a platform“ – open source API and App store for banks
Pactas „The engine for your recurring billing and subscription business“
Quirion Smart, affordable wealth management and fee-based advisory over phone
Threeisquared „Cut your outage costs!“: pre-emptive large data-center / server management
Trendlink „Find the right investments, fast“: based on investment trends or names
Vaamo Finanz „Sparschwein war gestern“: the new art of investing and saving
Vexcash Germany’s first pay-day lender for hassle-free credit for less than 30-days
WIR Finanzierer Offers SMEs bank-alternative access to long-term DCM unsecured funding


Investoren / Banken


Presse / Blogger

B. Metzler GmbH
Euronet Worldwide
GSK Stockmann + Kollegen
JZ International
Michael Mellinghoff
NextFin GmbH
Orange Growth Capital
Sabine Schütze
SberbankSenacor Technologies AG
Sutor Bank
Trivadis GmbH
T-Venture Holding GmbH
United Ventures
Wellington Partners
Christian Thaler-Wolski, Venture Partner at Wellington
Dr. Nelson Holzner, BillPay GmbH
Reinier Musters, Orange Growth Capital
Mikhail Khasin, Sberbank
Adam Moulson, SWIFT
Christoph Neßhöver, Manager MagazinBoris Janek, VR Networld Dr. Hans-Joerg Leichsenring, Der Bank Blog
Ralf Keuper, Bankstil
Eva-Susanne Krah, BankMagazin
Cynthia V. Castritius