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7 Questions with Julian Oertzen, co-founder of Exporo AG

1. Who are you? I am Julian, Co-Founder of Exporo, responsible for project acquisition, product and business development. 2. Which services do you sell and who are your competitors? Exporo is a real estate crowdfunding platform acting as an intermediary between interest-seeking investors and capital-seeking real estate companies. Investments are made in form of subordinated […]

7 Questions with Rune Brunborg, Co-Founder of Tribe

1. Who are you? I’m Rune Brunborg, co-founder at Tribe – the Tinder for Insurance customers. At Tribe we’ll make simple and fair insurance solutions for responsible people and their friends, utilizing their social network. Before joining Tribe I’ve headed – the largest online financial aggregator in Norway, I’ve been head of strategy at […]

7 Questions with Paul Becker of LIQID

1. Who are you? I am a co-founder and head of marketing at LIQID. 2. Which services do you sell and who are your competitors? LIQID is a digital wealth management service for private investors with liquid assets in excess of 100.000 €. We offer a range of “core” investment strategies developed in partnership with […]

7 Questions with Jonas Piela from Avuba

1. Who are you? I am Jonas, CEO at Avuba. For European smartphone users who have become accustomed to a superior digital experience Avuba is the next generation of mobile banking. It delivers a category defining user experience providing, simple sign-up, high levels of security, payment cards, full banking services and easy to use features for […]

7 Questions with Christian Tiessen from Savedo

1. Who are you? My name is Christian Tiessen. I studied Business in Germany, Singapore and Spain. After working a few years for consulting and corporates, I founded my first startup in e-commerce. The business grew quite rapidly, and was finally acquired by an American company.  Since March 2014 I am working with and on […]